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Ilhan Omar clearly follows the Islamo-Communist ideology of her father and Somali homeland, where Christians aren’t tolerated. She clearly wants the US to became an Islamo-Communist FAILED STATE like Somalia. Why are people from failed states running the United States? Why don’t they go back and fix their homelands, instead of making ours into a failed state like theirs? While India’s not a failed state, it certainly has problems. Why isn’t Kamala Harris fixing India and Jamaica rather than ruining our country? Why do we have someone born in one of the most notoriously corrupt places on planet earth, Nigeria, running the US Treasury (Deputy Secretary of the Treasury)?

Ilhan’s father was a Somali Colonial in the “Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party” Marxist-Leninist-Islamic regime. This was unveiled in his recent obituary https://archive.vn/pimd9: “The Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP)[a] was the ruling party of the Somali Democratic Republic from 1976 to 1991. The SRSP was nominally a Marxist–Leninist communist party, but its ideology including elements of Islamic socialism, scientific socialism, Somali nationalism and pan-Somalism.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somali_Revolutionary_Socialist_Party


Cutting people’s heads off in Europe and blowing people and things up, doesn’t exactly ingratiate Muslims or Islam to the rest of the world. Nor does intolerance of Christianity within Muslim countries. In France an elderly Catholic Priest had his neck slashed, like a sacrificial lamb, while saying Mass: “Prêtre égorgé: les habitants du quartier choquéshttps://youtu.be/cFaH_qugP1M
Slain Priest Forced To Kneel Before Throat Cut: The killers of the 86-year-old are shot dead as they charge police shouting “Allahu Akbar” and using nuns as human shields“. 21:14, UK, Wednesday 27 July 2016 https://web.archive.org/web/20181206203150/https://news.sky.com/story/slain-priest-forced-to-kneel-before-throat-cut-10512914

Monks in Algeria were decapitated by GIA, the military arm of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS): “Un communiqué, attribué au Groupe islamique armé (GIA), annonce le 21 mai 1996 leur assassinat. Les têtes des moines sont retrouvées le 30 mai 1996, à 4 km au nord-ouest de Médéa.”https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassinat_des_moines_de_Tibhirine NB that westernized moderate Muslims fought the extremists during the Algerian Civil War. We must not forget their suffering: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algerian_Civil_War
See too: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/10/25/algeria-and-the-world-2021/

A French school teacher had his head entirely cut off and left in the street like a soccer ball. Warning: Picture of head of decapitated teacher in tweet. It’s toward the bottom of the article: https://archive.vn/Qa2Rz

These attacks seem to mostly come from new immigrants, which means that it’s in the interest of both Muslims and non-Muslims, alike, to exclude these new migrants from so-called Western countries, and to focus upon knitting all current citizens into a nation, regardless of religion. Let them build up or tear down their own countries, rather than destroying ours.

There are many divisions within Islam and many secular Muslims, but it’s getting hard to recall that, due to these brazen attacks, as well as increasing refusal by migrants to adhere to the mores-social norms of western society, as is the case of Ilhan Omar.

Majority Christian societies have remained tolerant of Muslims, but Muslim countries have long been intolerant of Christians, who have increasingly been killed or chased from their indigenous homelands. Christianity existed long before Islam throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

A British born Somali recently murdered a British MP. Maybe Ilhan should focus on teaching her people not to murder, instead of wondering why people are upset? “Somalis in UK targeted with death threats and abuse after David Amess killing: The MP’s death has had an impact on a community that is already marginalised and fighting against negative perceptionshttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/24/somalis-in-uk-targeted-with-death-threats-and-abuse-after-david-amess-killing

Somali-Americans Sentenced for Providing Material Support to Islamic State; Non-Somali Americans Could Get Longer Sentences for Planning Attack Against Somalis

Ilhan Omar, who occupies a US Congressional seat, is believed to have engaged in immigration fraud. Since her father was a Colonial in the military of Soviet backed Marxist-Leninist Somalia, then his immigration was likely fraudulent, and hers, as well: https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-8-part-f-chapter-3
If true, this is grounds for stripping her of her citizenship and deporting her to her 100% Muslim homeland of Somalia. She appears to be an Iranian operative, which is also grounds for loss of citizenship and deportation, if proven true.

Cutting people’s heads off in Europe and blowing people and things up, doesn’t exactly ingratiate Muslims or Islam to the rest of the world. In fact, it’s enough to turn tolerant, Islamophiles to Islamophobes. It’s also enough to turn pro-Palestinians to pro-Israel, or at least enough to make former supporters of Palestinians try to stop taking sides, and have more empathy for Israelis. Palestinian Christians, of course, are squeezed in the middle. The US and Europe should only welcome those who need to escape from persecution, not those, like Omar, who want to turn the USA into an Islamo-Communist failed state, like Somalia.

Reps Omar, Schakowsky Introduce Combating Global Islamophobia Bill” October 21, 2021 | Press Release https://archive.md/1Y9lG

Worldwide 31% of the world’s population is Christian; 25% Muslim; 16% Hindu; 0.18% Jewish but Omar Wants Special Protections for Muslims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_populations

It is impossible to publicly admit your Christian faith in Somalia, and ‘church life’ is non-existent. Islam is considered a crucial part of Somali identity, and if any Somali is suspected of having converted to Christianity, they are in great danger. Members of their family, clan or community will harass, intimidate or even kill them. Women may be raped and forcibly married.”  https://www.opendoorsuk.org/persecution/world-watch-list/somalia/

The father of Ilan Omar, Nur Omar Mohamed, obtained a military education in Russia before joining the Somali National Army, where he served under the Somali General who became President of a one party Marxist-Leninist Communist State, supported by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). They waged war against Ethiopia. Her father became a Colonial in this Soviet backed army. He led a regiment in the 1977-78 Somali-Ethiopian war. According to his obit: “Nur played a significant role in the war… He was one of the officers who were recognized for their work…
His “prestigious” military career ended in 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Apparently with no more financial support, the regime was removed and Somalia entered a Civil War. This happened to many Soviet backed regimes – no more money sent from the USSR and their “socialist” regimes failed. The family allegedly “escaped” to Utange refugee camp in Kenya. Her father was involved in “efforts to rebuild and strengthen the security forces of Puntland, an autonomous state in northeastern Somalia”, adds the obituary. https://archive.vn/pimd9

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Father was a Soviet Russian Trained Colonel in the Somali Communist Military Dictatorship; Why was He Allowed to Immigrate to the USA? How Many More Are There?

Division 60, Somali National Army (Somali: Qeybta 60aad) is a division of the Somali Armed Forces. It has been active in two periods from the 1970s to about 1990 (though being upgraded in status in the process to the level of a corps), fighting in the Ogaden War against Ethiopia, and from 2013 to the present. Abdullahi Yusuf Irro once commanded the 60th. Under the leadership of General Abdullah Mohamed Fadil, Abdullahi Ahmed Irro and other senior Somali military officials formulated a plan of attack for what was to become the Ogaden War in Ethiopia.[1] At the start of the offensive, the SNA consisted of 35,000 soldiers,[2] and was vastly outnumbered by the Ethiopian forces. Somali troops seized the Godey Front on 24 July 1977, after Division 60 defeated the Ethiopian 4th Infantry Division.[3] Godey’s capture allowed the Somali side to consolidate its hold on the Ogaden, concentrate its forces, and advance further to other regions of Ethiopia.[4] The invasion reached an abrupt end with the Soviet Union’s sudden shift of support to Ethiopia, followed by almost the entire communist bloc siding with the latter. The Soviets halted supplies to Barre’s regime and instead increased the distribution of aid, weapons, and training to Ethiopia’s newly communist Derg regime. By 1978, the Somali forces were pushed out of most of the Ogaden, although it would take nearly three more years for the Ethiopian Army to gain full control of Godey.[4]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_60_(Somalia) It’s possible that her father was allowed to immigrate because after the Soviet Union abandoned the Derg, the US allegedly gave them support, even though the Derg remained Communist. Is it because of oil that the US has so frequently supported anti-Christian regimes?

Tunisian Islamic Terrorist who Slashed the Throat of a Woman Police Officer in France was an Illegal Immigrant who was Given a Work Permit (aka Amnestied)

Teacher’s Head Cut Off By Moscow Born Chechen Refugee In Paris Terrorist Attack

Nice Terrorist Attack: Wake-Up Call on Dangers of Biden-Harris “Catch & Release” of Illegal Migrants; Borders Exist for a Reason, Like Doors in a House





Titles from Blog, apparently removed from the internet, are found below. However, if you go to the web link, below, the articles may be archived. http://web.archive.org/web/20190609112359/http://goodbyeilhan.com/

Text of Minnesota Election Board’s Order Finding Omar Misused Campaign Funds
And here are the orders of the Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board in re. @IlhanMN requiring that she pay up, plus describe fully and disclose the amounts she paid for “immigration services” related to her divorce with 10 days. Tick tock. /3 pic.twitter.com/SWAJb7q4mM
— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) June 6, 2019

Omar Claims Merely That Her Current Tax Returns Currently Comply with the Law. She is Silent About Her Past Returns
A campaign spokesman for the Minneapolis Democrat issued the following statement Friday: “All of Rep. Omar’s tax filings are fully compliant with all applicable tax law.”
Note the present tense: “… are fully compliant.” According to a report from the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, Omar and Ahmed Hirsi filed jointly in 2014 and 2015. She’s currently married to Hirsi, but at the time, she wasn’t — an apparent violation of tax laws and regulations that Omar appears to have rectified.
Complicating matters further: Omar was legally married to a different man at the time.

Dave Orrick, Pioneer Press, “Ilhan Omar’s tax filings scrutinized. Here’s a timeline, including her marriage status”, June 7, 2019
June 8, 2019
Omar, While Legally Married to Her First Husband, Filed Joint Tax Returns with Her Second Husband
WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar was 19 years old in 2002 when she first applied for a Hennepin County marriage license with Ahmed Hirsi, a fellow Somali immigrant and “the love of my life.”

Though the couple would have three children together, split, and later reconcile, they never legally married until January 2018. By then Omar represented a state House seat from Minneapolis and was on her way to a historic and ultimately successful run for Congress.

Long-standing questions about her complicated marriage and immigration history have dogged her ever since, never more so than on Thursday when a state campaign finance board revealed that Omar and Hirsi filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015 — a period when she was legally married to another man.

Patrick Condon, and J. Patrick Coolican, “Rep. Ilhan Omar jointly filed tax returns prior to legal marriage“, Star Tribune, June 7, 2019

While Democrats concern themselves with President Trump’s tax returns, they display no such interest in Ilhan Omar’s tax returns, which she illegally filed jointly with a man not her husband. Omar later illegally charged her campaign to correct the returns. That’s two crimes. Is Omar that dense? Or were her crimes intentional?
Posted on
June 8, 2019

“Omar Intends to Join the Black-Jewish Caucus But Accuses the Group’s Cofounder of “Bigotry”
The members are Reps. Brenda Lawrence, D-Mich, Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., Will Hurd, R-Texas and John Lewis, D-Ga., a revered veteran of the 1960s civil rights movement.

Omar expressed her support for the caucus in a tweet on Wednesday. She later clarified that her endorsement of the caucus wasn’t an endorsement of Zeldin, with whom she has feuded on Twitter.

The Jewish Republican has called the Muslim Democrat anti-Semitic. She has retweeted others who called Zeldin Islamophobic. In a tweet about the black-Jewish caucus, she wrote of “Zeldin’s bigotry.” Zeldin in turn accused Omar  of trying to “poison” the new coalition.

This new Caucus is a positive, bipartisan push to build bridges between 2 groups. Be helpful, accurate & better. Unite; don’t divide or try to poison like this latest personal attack. This is bigger than us & we have to be better than this. https://t.co/1Ai7jzScKp
— Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) June 6, 2019
Posted on
June 7, 2019

Creepy “Justice Democrats” Dark Money Campaign Group Endorses Omar for Reelection
Justice Democrats, a liberal advocacy group, on Thursday endorsed seven incumbent House members in their 2020 reelection bids.
The progressive organization endorsed Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.).

“We are proud to re-endorse some of the strongest voices in the Democratic Party for solutions that match the scale of our country’s problems,” Alexandra Rojas, executive director of Justice Democrats, said in a statement.

Chris Mills Rodrigo, “Justice Democrats endorses seven House members’ reelection bids“, The Hill, June 6, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez serves on the board of Justice Democrats, the “sister organization” of the dark money group. Organize for Justice. The latter is a 501(c)(4) political donor that trains progressive organizers across the country.

Peculiarly, Ocasio-Cortez once called dark money the “enemy of democracy.”
Posted on
June 7, 2019
Her Allies
Rep. Lee Zeldin Responds to Omar’s Insults
Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) accused Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) of trying to “poison” a newly formed caucus after she accused him of “bigotry” in an endorsement of the caucus.

Zeldin announced the newly formed Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus at an American Jewish Committee (AJC) global forum with Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.).

AJC is a global Jewish advocacy organization.

Rebecca Klar, “Lee Zeldin responds to Ilhan Omar accusing him of ‘bigotry’“, MSN, June 6, 2019

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) during a deployment to Iraq in 2006.
Posted on
June 7, 2019
Her Critics

Omar Violated Minnesota State Campaign Finance Rules, Board Says
Republican state Rep. Steve Drazkowski initially raised the complaints against Omar. He suggested that Omar used $2,250 in campaign funds to pay a lawyer for her divorce proceedings. Omar has said those payments to her attorney were campaign-related fees.

The board found the fee was actually reimbursement to two other law firms for work related to immigration and tax documents. The board also determined that $1,500 spent to correct an issue on Omar’s tax return was not a campaign-related expense and must be returned.

According to the board, evidence indicates that the $2,250 was not payment for Omar’s marital dissolution. The board directed Omar to file an amended report with more information about the law firm payments.
AP, “Ilhan Omar violated Minnesota state campaign finance rules, board says“, June 6, 2019

It was thanks to the dogged determination of MN Republican State Rep. Steve Drazkowski that Omar’s diversion of campaign funds to personal uses came to light.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board has already fined Omar and required reimbursement for some of her diversion of campaign funds to personal uses. It has required that Omar provide additional information about $2250 in supposed expenses. Depending on what Omar submits to the Board it may impose additional fines and reimbursements.
Posted on
June 7, 2019

Law Firm Paid an Accountant to Correct Omar’s Personal Taxes. She Reimbursed Him with Campaign Funds.
That includes a payment of $1,500 her campaign made to a law firm following the formation of a ‘crisis committee’ in August 2016 to respond to allegations that Omar ‘married to her brother as part of an immigration scheme,’ according to the board’s report.

The board found that the law firm, originally tasked with reviewing tax and immigration records to rebut the marriage claim, incidentally discovered an error in Omar’s personal taxes and was reimbursed for paying an accountant to correct it, an expense that the board ruled an impermissible use of campaign funds.

The board also found that Omar’s campaign committee made several improper expenditures for her travel to Boston, Washington DC, New York and Florida.

KEITH GRIFFITH FOR DAILYMAIL.COM and ASSOCIATED PRESS, “Rep. Ilhan Omar is fined for state campaign finance violation in connection with ‘crisis committee’ to respond to unproven claims that she ‘married her brother as part of an immigration scheme’”, June 6, 2019
Posted on
June 7, 2019

State Board Finds That Omar Misused Campaign Funds To Pay Her Personal Tax Attorney, and for Other Disallowed Purposes
The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board has ordered U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar to personally reimburse her own campaign account $3,469.23 and to pay a civil penalty of $500 for violating state campaign finance rules dating to her time as a member of the state House.

The amount that Omar must repay represents what the board determined is the total amount of campaign funds that Omar used in 2016 and 2017 for purposes not permitted by state law.

That includes a payment of $1,500 to a law firm that, her lawyer testified, was related to some corrections made to her personal tax returns that were discovered as part of an inquiry into her financial records by a “crisis committee.” That committee was set up to respond to never-proven allegations that Omar had married her own brother as part of an “immigration scheme,” in the words of the board’s report on the matter.

Patrick Condon, “Minnesota Campaign Board Fines Rep. Ilhan Omar, Says She Must Reimburse Campaign“, Star Tribune, June 6, 2019

What do AOC and Nancy Pelosi think about Ilhan Omar pilfering campaign funds to pay her personal tax attorney? If Trump did it they’d be up in arms. But because Ilhan Omar is not a Republican she gets a pass from those two.
Posted on
June 7, 2019

NY Post Editorial Blasts De Blasio for Denying Omar’s Left-Wing Antisemitism is Ideological
Here in America, tell it to Louis Farrakhan, and his fans such as activist Linda Sarsour — one of the leaders of the Women’s March.

Not to mention Rep. Ilhan Omar, who can’t seem to stop uttering classic anti-Semitic tropes. Maybe the mayor thinks her bias is just cultural, rather than ideological?

Perhaps de Blasio was trying to say that the wave of attacks on Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg and Crown Heights is not ideological. As NYPD Chief Dermot Shea reported at the same press conference, hate crime perps “run the gamut” from teens, to people with mental illness, to first-time offenders and career criminals

Editorial Board, “What de Blasio won’t admit about anti-Semitism“, NY Post, June 5, 2019
De Blasio is wrong. For example, the left-wing former mayor of London Ken Livingstone (pictured above) denied he was antisemitic in a speech to his fellow left-wingers this year. According to the Daily Mail, he told them “It’s not anti-Semitic to hate the Jews of Israel and you can’t have a proper functioning democracy in a world in which the media, whether it’s the press or internet, can just spread lie after lie after lie.”
Posted on
June 6, 2019
Antisemitism is Ideological



Tom Steyer Is Not a Jew. Stop Saying That He Is” AUG 9, 2019, 8:30 AM By Jonathan Samuel Mark Owner and webmaster of GoodbyeIlhan.com

Reps Omar, Schakowsky Introduce Combating Global Islamophobia Bill
October 21, 2021 | Press Release
WASHINGTON—Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced the Combating International Islamophobia Act, legislation to address the rise in incidents of Islamophobia worldwide. The bill requires the State Department to create a Special Envoy for monitoring and combating Islamophobia, and include state-sponsored Islamophobic violence and impunity in the Department’s annual human rights reports. The creation of the Special Envoy will help policymakers better understand the interconnected, global problem of anti-Muslim bigotry. It will also establish a comprehensive strategy for establishing U.S. leadership in combatting Islamophobia worldwide. 
This year, the United States has seen over 500 documented complaints of anti-Muslim hate and bias. In a recent study conducted by CAIR, found 69% of respondents personally experienced anti-Muslim bigotry or discrimination since 9/11. In a separate study conducted by the Othering and Belonging Institute, found 67% of Muslims personally experienced Islamophobia in their lifetimes. In March, the United Nations Human Rights Council cited discrimination and hatred towards Muslims has risen to “epidemic proportions.”  

There has been a staggering rise in incidents of violent Islamophobia incidents worldwide. Whether it is the atrocities being committed against the Uyghurs in China and the Rohingya in Burma, the crackdowns on Muslim populations in India and Sri Lanka, the scapegoating of Muslim refugees and other Muslims in Hungary and Poland, the acts of white supremacist violence targeting Muslims in New Zealand and Canada, or the targeting of minority Muslim communities in Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan, Bahrain, and Iran—the problem of Islamophobia is global in scope. 

“We are seeing a rise in Islamophobia in nearly every corner of the globe,” said Rep. Omar. “In my home state of Minnesota, vandals spray-painted hate messages and a Nazi swastika on and near the Moorhead Fargo Islamic Center. These types of incidents are all too common for Muslims in the United States and beyond. As part of our commitment to international religious freedom and human rights, we must recognize Islamophobia and do all we can to eradicate it. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Rep. Jan Schakowsky to create a special envoy to put an end to this bigotry.” 

“For over a decade we have seen increasing incidents of violent Islamophobia both in the U.S. and worldwide – from the genocide of the Rohingya in Burma, and Uyghurs in China, to the attacks on Muslim refugees in Canada and New Zealand,” said Rep. Schakowsky. “It is past time for the U.S. to establish a comprehensive plan for combating this hatred worldwide. I am proud to join my friend and colleague, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, in introducing the Combating International Islamophobia Act. This critical legislation will create a Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Islamophobia to ensure the U.S. dedicates the resources necessary to safeguard human rights and religious and cultural freedom around the world.” 

The Combating International Islamophobia Act is cosponsored by Reps Bass, Bowman, Carson, Correa, Dean, Dingell, Eshoo, García (IL), Green (TX), Grijalva, Jacobs (CA), Jackson Lee, H. Johnson (GA), Jones, Kim (NJ), Lowenthal, C. Maloney, McGovern, Newman, Norton, Ocasio-Cortez, Pascrell, Payne, Phillips, Pocan, Pressley, Rush, Sires, Tlaib, Watson Coleman, and Williams.

“The rise of Islamophobic incidents in our nation and across the world is atrocious and concerning,” said Rep. Maloney. “New York City is one of the most diverse and welcoming cities in the world. And like New Yorkers of all faiths, our Muslim community contributes to the unique and rich cultural diversity for which New York City is universally known. Like every New Yorker, they deserve to live and work free from discrimination and harassment. It’s up to all of us to stop and stand up to Islamophobia wherever and whenever we see it. I’m proud to cosponsor the Combatting International Islamophobia Act, which will allow my colleagues and I to better understand the global problem of anti-Muslim bigotry – and work towards strategies to end it.”

“Tragically, we continue to see the growing threat of Islamophobia both in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District and around the world. As a global leader, the United States has a fundamental and moral obligation to take a stand against this rising danger and protect the religious freedoms, human rights and safety of all Muslims,” said Rep. Newman. “I’m proud to join Reps. Omar and Schakowsky in co-sponsoring the Combatting Global Islamophobia Act so that America can further live up to our values by leading the rest of the world in combatting bigotry, discrimination and hate against Muslims both domestically and across the globe.”

“The rise in islamophobia around the world threatens our Muslim neighbors here in the United States,” said Rep. Watson Coleman. “My own state of New Jersey has seen school children chasing and harassing Muslim students, a teacher pulling a hijab from the head of a student, and a school showing Islamophobic dramatic films to ‘teach’ students about Islam. Fighting Islamophobia abroad will help us eliminate it here at home. I’m grateful to my colleagues Reps. Omar and Schakowsky for bringing this bill forward.”

The Combating International Islamophobia Act is endorsed by American Muslim Empowerment Network (AMEN), American Muslims for Palestine, Americans for Peace Now, Arizona Muslim Alliance, Center for Victims of Torture, Church World Service, Common Defense, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), Human Rights First, ICNA Council for Social Justice (ICNA CSJ), IfNotNow, International Islamophobia Studies Research Association, Islamophobia Studies Center, Islamophobia Studies Journal, Jetpac Resource Center, Jewish Voice for Peace Action, Libyan American Alliance, MPower Change, Muslim American Society, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Oxfam America, Poligon Education Fund, Revolutionary Love Project, Secure Justice, South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), Together We Serve, U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries, and Veterans For Peace. 
“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) welcomes the introduction of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Jan Schakowsky’s Combating International Islamophobia Act – legislation to establish a special envoy office at the U.S. State Department to monitor and combat international Islamophobia,” said Nihad Awad, National Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). “While global Islamophobia, anti-Muslim state policies and hate incidents have increased for the past two decades, the American Muslim community has consistently called for the creation of a special envoy position to monitor and combat this rising tide of hate. Our nation needs better tools to combat Islamophobic state policies and violence in countries like China, India, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, the European Union, and elsewhere. Global Islamophobia is not only a threat to the safety and security of Muslims here and abroad, it is also a threat to international religious freedom and democratic principles. CAIR is calling on congressional leadership and the Biden-Harris administration to support the Combating International Islamophobia Act and make this special envoy position a reality.”
“Just as it is necessary to have a special envoy to combat antisemitism, it is vitally important that the United States establish a Special Envoy to combat the scourge of Islamophobia,” said Hadar Susskind, Americans for Peace Now’s President and CEO. “We stand in solidarity with Muslim victims of hatred and bigotry and we urge Congress to pass this important bill.

Full text of the legislation is available here.