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Montreal lawyer, Natalia Manole is filing a safeguard order on Tuesday, and hopes to be heard on Thursday, before the forced vaccination for healthcare workers is implemented on Friday. She proposes the use of testing and other measures to keep the health-care system from collapsing with the loss of over 27,000 unvaccinated workers. The Parti Québécois is allying with unions and calling for an implementation delay and plan to avoid the imminent break in healthcare service.

Why no plan? Did they send all of their planners to the US to steal our jobs? They aren’t doing a fine job in the US planning, either, even though the US trains too many “planners” and hires Canadian ones. Is anyone following the vaccine money-trail in Canada and au Quebec?

Suspension of health-care workers to be challenged in court Lawyer Natalia Manole says the rights of health-care workers are being violated, and patients will pay the price in the end”. Ny Jason Magder, Montreal Gazette “Manole said. “There is already a lack of health-care workers. You can’t just have (15,000) people not go to work on Friday. It will be chaos and just a collapse. The situation is already critical. This situation is going to create a disaster.”
Read the article here: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/suspension-of-health-care-workers-to-be-challenged-in-court

To avoid ‘complete chaos,’ lawyer to challenge Quebec vaccine mandate for health-care workers in court” Joe Lofaro CTVNewsMontreal.ca Digital Reporter @giuseppelo Contact Published Saturday, October 9, 2021 2:14PM EDT Last Updated Saturday, October 9, 2021 8:31PM EDT https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/to-avoid-complete-chaos-lawyer-to-challenge-quebec-vaccine-mandate-for-health-care-workers-in-court-1.5617755

Montreal lawyer to file safeguard order to avoid collapse of healthcare system” By Chelsey St-Pierre The Suburban Oct 10, 2021 https://www.thesuburban.com/news/city_news/montreal-lawyer-to-file-safeguard-order-to-avoid-collapse-of-healthcare-system/article_35d981c3-4e6d-5cc4-b416-7c7d918a28ba.html

Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux – Le Parti Québécois s’allie aux organisations syndicales pour éviter les bris de service imminents” 6 octobre 2021, 10 h 29
Publié parAile parlementaire du Parti québécois
Santé https://www.quebec.ca/nouvelles/actualites/details/reseau-de-la-sante-et-des-services-sociaux-le-parti-quebecois-sallie-aux-organisations-syndicales-pour-eviter-les-bris-de-service-imminents-35179