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According to the official English Summary of the Final Report: “the Commission arrived at an estimate of the number of child victims to have suffered sexual assault at the hands of priests, deacons, monks or nuns to be 216 000 over the period from 1950 to 2020, based on the general population survey of 28 010 persons aged 18 and over and representative of the French population in accordance with the quota method. By broadening the analysis to include persons connected to the Church (staff of Catholic schools, laypersons providing catechism or chaplaincy services, organizers of scouts or other Catholic youth movements) the estimated number of child victims rises to 330 000 for the whole of the period.” (p. 10, “Sexual Violence in the Catholic Church France 1950 – 2020 Summary of the Final Report Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church (CIASE)https://www.ciase.fr/rapport-final/

The following is based on our unofficial translation, since the official translation will not be available until the end of the year. This is apparently where the smaller numbers used by the media come from. According to “Annex 16: Statistical Table of Call Results Testimonials, June 3, 2019 to October 31 2020, France Victims”, there were 3,652 telephone calls made; 2,459 e-mails handled, and 360 pieces of postal mail handled.

Among those responding, 2,014 were victims; 213 were indirect witnesses, 511 were direct witnesses, 75 were victims of laity, and 3 unknown.

Among victims, 1,702 were men, 1,038 were women, 76 were of unknown sex. 319 victims filed judicial complaints, 1,960 did not file complaints, and for 537 it is unknown.

The age of the first abuse was less than 5 years for 64 victims, 6 to 10 years for 756 victims, 11 to 15 years for 898 victims, 16 to 17 years for 92 victims, greater than 18 years for 321 victims. Minors of an unknown age, 297; Adolescents 93; Unknown 295. Adult victims were 65 Religious, 26 Seminarians, 186 Others, and 44 Unknown.

Perpetuators of the crime were 2,040 Priests; 40 Nuns, and 198 Religious (Monks-Brothers); 374 Teaching Members of Clergy; 114 Others, and 50 Unknown.

Locations: 502 were Catechism-Chaplaincy, 236 Youth Movement, 812 at School, 129 at Workplace, 412 at Other, 408 at Unknown, 80 at Vacation Camps, 109 at Perpetuator’s Residence, 128 at the Family Home.

At the bottom of the Table, it is noted that the high number of “Unknown” location is because it was based on spontaneous declarations of people. Additionally, the large number of “Other” under location is explained, at least in part, by the fact that vacation camp, perpetuator’s residence, and family home weren’t introduced until October of 2019.

Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church CIASE Page 535, Sexual Violence within the Catholic Church, Annex 16, link: https://www.ciase.fr/medias/Ciase-Rapport-5-octobre-2021-Annexe-A16-Tableau-statistique-des-resultats-de-l-appel-a-temoignages.pdf

The Final Report, including a Summary in English is found here:


Link: https://www.ciase.fr/medias/Ciase-Rapport-5-octobre-2021-Annexe-A16-Tableau-statistique-des-resultats-de-l-appel-a-temoignages.pdf