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This Covid-19 vaccine is from Germany’s BioNTech. It has made the Struengmann twins the richest Germans. Pfizer is their collaborator. Don’t let BioNTech or the Struengmann twins off the hook. What was their German (Lutheran) doctor father doing during Nazi rule? And, which German General Krueger was their grandfather? There are three who served the Nazis – two recognized as war criminals. Why is no one asking? It appears more and more relevant.
Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of an RNA Vaccine Candidate Against COVID-19 in Healthy Children <12 Years of Age ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT04816643
Recruitment Status : Recruiting First Posted : March 25, 2021 Last Update Posted : August 17, 2021
Sponsor: BioNTech SE
Collaborator: Pfizer
Information provided by (Responsible Party):
BioNTech SE

From Children’s Health Defense, Europe:
Is Pfizer Doing Illegal Experiments on Orphan Babies in Poland, Spain, Finland and the US? Questions to the Polish senate, the world needs answers. September 30, 2021 Children health Covid-19 EU Issues Take Action Vaccine safety

Children’s Health Defense was recently alerted by Polish whistleblowers that Pfizer is conducting experiments on orphan babies 6 months old to test their new vaccines. Babies and children do not die from Covid and rarely transmit the disease. This alone should be enough to refuse any kind of clinical trials with experimental vaccines.  But Pfizer seems to be operating outside legal boundaries. If this is case, it is simply unacceptable and needs to stop. Answers and action are needed.

A group of lawyers, medical professionals and activists asked members of the Polish parliament and Senate to organise a conference on Saturday October 2nd  entitled:


The conference is planned at 12pm CET time (Warsaw).
Please watch our re-stream here with live translations as we will follow closely on this issue. https://childrenshealthdefense.eu/live-stream/

The conference is organized by Polish associations and foundations such as  The Polish Association of Independent Doctors and Scientists, The Association of Lawyers Voice of Freedom, Dobrostan Health Information Center Association, and the New Spectrum Foundation

International speakers will feature Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo from Spain, Dr. Meryl Nass and Mrs. Vera Sharav from the United States.

Here are some of the major questions that need to be answered:
– Is Pfizer conducting experiments on orphan children who are the most vulnerable and have no one to take their interests at heart if things go wrong? If so why and who consented to this?
– Why is Pfizer allowed to do clinical trials on babies with a product that has not completed phase 3 of the clinical trials and that is a new technology? 
– Why is Pfizer refusing elected officials the get access to their documents?
– What is happening in the other countries where these experiments are conducted?
– Are the EMA and the FDA really doing their job?

And finally…are vaccine manufacturers operating in complete secrecy and outside any legal control? 

Other information on the science and ethics of the clinical trials on children have also raised our concerns.  Yaffa Shir- Raz, a risk-communication researcher of the University of Haifa in Israel has published an article on the very questionable methods used by the company called ‘Serious violations and manipulations of the trial protocol: This is how Pfizer managed to obtain the FDA’s emergency authorisation for children’.  

This article points to troublesome facts questioning Pfizer’s intention to demonstrate safety of the use of its vaccines in children. For example, children who suffered severe depression were suddenly found to have pre-existing psychiatric conditions that should have excluded them from the study cohort and the reporting criteria seem to have been designed to exclude signals of adverse events. 

Vaccine developers have a long story of experimenting on the most vulnerable: orphans, mentally and physically disabled, political refugees and impoverished populations. Stanley Plotkin, who patented numerous vaccines and is nicknamed ‘the pope of vaccines’ once defended himself by saying that disabled people ‘were only human in form’.  

Getting rid of the weakest has always been practiced in the name of the greater good.   Now is the time to take responsibility and put an end to this barbarian practice.  

Letter from Polish activists and medical associations on the medical tests on children and infants 

Dear All,  

We would like to invite you to participate in a conference that will be taking place on the 2nd of October 2021 at 12:00 Warsaw time in the Polish Parliament. 

The conference will include medical and legal debate in regards to testing medical products on children and very young babies. This conference is apolitical and non-religious. It is organized by Polish associations and foundations such as  The Polish Association of Independent Doctors and Scientists, The Association of Lawyers Voice of Freedom, Dobrostan Health Information Center Association, and the New Spectrum Foundation. Representatives of the parliament and the government as well as main stream media have been invited to passively participate and to help the public understand the depth of the issue. 

This conference has been requested in connection with the theoretical and practical analysis of clinical trials involving children and infants due to the fact that children cannot consent to participate in a biomedical study and therefore additional safeguards should and must be applied to protect them. We believe this is not happening at present. 

We are therefore asking for your help in defending Polish children and children in clinical trials around the world. This is now happening in at least four countries because of the misinformation and the confidential agreements imposed by Pfizer.

Since June 2021, Pfizer has been conducting experimental trials on Polish children with vaccines against Covid-19. To our knowledge these experiments are done on healthy infants from 3 and 6 months of age up to age of 11. 

These facts are not known to the Polish public opinion as Pfizer’s documents contain a “secret” clause. Even a member of the Polish Parliament who intervened in this matter has been refused access to the documents, in complete violation of  the Polish law. 

8 Centers in Poland are known to be conducting the above testing however, these are  small private clinics and private clinical research centers who do not seem to be equipped to run such studies. 

Separately, we are aware of one more center that has not been mentioned on Pfizer’s website. This raises the question whether there may be more undisclosed sites in the 4 countries that Pfizer is claiming these tests are being done. 

From unofficial reports (we are in possession of recordings from July and August of this year) we know that children age 6 to 11 years old were already been injected with Pfizer’s product and children age 3 to 5 years old received  at least 1 dose.  

Children age 6 months old to 2 years old are currently being recruited however, Pfizer on its’ official website has released documents dated 20/09/2021 claiming that they are expecting results on the youngest group before the end of this year. 

This suggests that trials in the youngest group started at the same time as in the older groups as Pfizer claims results of these trials will be available after 6 months. https://archive.md/Oqrgk

It is estimated that there may be around 1000 children being injected in Poland. 

Considering how quickly these children have been recruited for the study we strongly suspect they come from orphanages and care homes, as this already has happened with trials of other vaccines. Under Polish legislation such exceptional cases need the authorisation of a court but so far we are unable to locate any court hearings allowing for such experiments on children. 

Consent for these trials on infants and young children in Poland was given by Grzegorz Cessak, pharmacologist and president of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. He is also a member of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which seems to create a conflict of interest. 

As Pfizer did not complete animal studies nor studies on young animals (off springs) it seems that Polish infants and the youngest children are used as the first experimental ‘offsprings’.

If  relevant authorities of the Polish state do not take action, we will not be able to confirm how many of these children may or already have faced death or severe health complications. Administration of a genetic experimental technology is completely new in medicine and it is defined as a phase I and II / III clinical trial on infants and children 6 years of age and children up to 11 years of age. 

In adults phase III is not completed but numerous complications were reported, including very severe thromboembolic, autoimmune and inflammatory problems and  even deaths. 

Information about similar complications and unfortunate fatalities also applies to children from the age of 12. 

We are in possession of audio recordings from all 8 centers that can serve as evidence in a criminal case. These recordings show that children from 6 to 11 years old have already been injected  and possibly 3 to 5 years  as well.

At the same time, it seems that the administration of the vaccines was suspended in the youngest group between 6 months and 2 years of age, because on July 22 there was a crisis meeting to decide “what to do”  (this might have been caused by protests of people from local freedom organizations near these centers).  

Following this episode it was stated that the recruitment of infants and children up to 2 years old will continue and restart  at the beginning of August. 

Considering how many serious complications there are after these injections, including deaths in adults and adolescents these injections carry far more greater threat to  the life and health of these children than Covid-19 itself. 

More Information on Pfizer’s trials
The full list of 101 centers  in 4 countries ( USA, Spain, Finland and Poland) can be found here. https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04816643#contacts
Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of an RNA Vaccine Candidate Against COVID-19 in Healthy Children <12 Years of Age 
On Monday, September 20, 2021 Pfizer has announced on their official  website results of as they called it first pivotal trial of COVID-19 vaccine in children under 12 years of age 
According to Pfizer in participants 5 to 11 years of age, the vaccine was safe, well tolerated and showed robust neutralizing antibody responses. Companies plan to submit these data to the FDA, EMA and other regulatory agencies around the world as soon as possible 
They also stated that results in children under 5 years of age are expected as soon as later this year.
In regards to the Phase 1/2/3 Trial in Children 
“The Phase 1/2/3 trial initially enrolled up to 4,500 children ages 6 months to 11 years of age in the United States, Finland, Poland, and Spain from more than 90 clinical trial sites. It was designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on a two-dose schedule (approximately 21 days apart) in three age groups: ages 5 to 11 years; ages 2 to 5 years; and ages 6 months to 2 years.  
Based on the Phase 1 dose-escalation portion of the trial, children ages 5 to 11 years received two-dose schedule of 10 µg each while children under age 5 received a lower 3 µg dose for each injection in the Phase 2/3 study. The trial enrolled children with or without prior evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection”. 
Full information can be found here. https://archive.md/Oqrgk
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Link: https://childrenshealthdefense.eu/eu-issues/pfizer-does-illegal-experiments-on-orphan-babies-in-poland-spain-finland-and-the-us/

March archive of clinical trial info: http://web.archive.org/web/20210326013228/https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04816643

From August 13 Archive of the clinical trial info:
101 study locations

United States, Alabama
University of Alabama at Birmingham – School of Medicine Recruiting
Birmingham, Alabama, United States, 35233
United States, California
Kaiser Permanente Oakland Recruiting
Oakland, California, United States, 94611
Clinical & Translational Research Unit (CTRU) & Spectrum BioBank, Stanford University Recruiting
Palo Alto, California, United States, 94304
Center for Clinical Trials, LLC Recruiting
Paramount, California, United States, 90723
Center for Clinical Trials Recruiting
Paramount, California, United States, 90723
Peninsula Research Associates Recruiting
Rolling Hills Estates, California, United States, 90274
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Recruiting
Sacramento, California, United States, 95815
Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Recruiting
Santa Clara, California, United States, 95051
Bayview Research Group, LLC Recruiting
Valley Village, California, United States, 91607
United States, Colorado
Children’s Hospital Colorado Recruiting
Aurora, Colorado, United States, 80045
United States, Connecticut
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation Recruiting
New Haven, Connecticut, United States, 06519
United States, District of Columbia
Children’s National Medical Center Recruiting
Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20010
United States, Florida
Acevedo Clinical Research Associates Recruiting
Miami, Florida, United States, 33142
Clinical Neuroscience Solutions Recruiting
Orlando, Florida, United States, 32801
United States, Georgia
Emory Children’s Center Illness POD Recruiting
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30322
Emory University Investigational Drug Service Recruiting
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30322
Emory University School of Medicine Recruiting
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30322
Atlanta Center for Medical Research Recruiting
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30331
Meridian Clinical Research, LLC Recruiting
Macon, Georgia, United States, 31210
United States, Idaho
Clinical Research Prime Recruiting
Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States, 83404
Solaris Clinical Research Recruiting
Meridian, Idaho, United States, 83646
United States, Kansas
University of Kansas Medical Center – CTSU Recruiting
Fairway, Kansas, United States, 66205
Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC Recruiting
Newton, Kansas, United States, 67114
Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC Recruiting
Wichita, Kansas, United States, 67207
United States, Kentucky
Kentucky Pediatric/ Adult Research Recruiting
Bardstown, Kentucky, United States, 40004
Novak Center for Children’s Health Recruiting
Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40202
United States, Louisiana
Ochsner Clinic Foundation Recruiting
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, 70121
LSUHSC-Shreveport Clinical Trials Office Recruiting
Shreveport, Louisiana, United States, 71101
United States, Maryland
Center for Immunization Research Inpatient Unit Recruiting
Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21224
United States, Massachusetts
Boston Medical Center Investigational Pharmacy Recruiting
Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 02118
Boston Medical Center Recruiting
Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 02118
United States, Missouri
Clinical Research Professionals Recruiting
Chesterfield, Missouri, United States, 63005
Children’s Mercy Hospital Recruiting
Kansas City, Missouri, United States, 64108
United States, Nebraska
Meridian Clinical Research, LLC Recruiting
Hastings, Nebraska, United States, 68901
Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Recruiting
Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68114
Children’s Physician’s Clinic, Spring Valley Recruiting
Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68117
United States, New Jersey
Rutgers University Recruiting
New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, 08901
United States, New York
Meridian Clinical Research, LLC Recruiting
Binghamton, New York, United States, 13901
Advanced Specialty Care Recruiting
Commack, New York, United States, 11725
Clinical Research Center Recruiting
East Setauket, New York, United States, 11733
Rochester Clinical Research, Inc. Recruiting
Rochester, New York, United States, 14609
University of Rochester Medical Center Recruiting
Rochester, New York, United States, 14642
Stony Brook University Recruiting
Stony Brook, New York, United States, 11794
SUNY Upstate Medical University Recruiting
Syracuse, New York, United States, 13210
United States, North Carolina
Clinical Research Pickett Road Recruiting
Durham, North Carolina, United States, 27705
Duke Vaccine and Trials Unit Recruiting
Durham, North Carolina, United States, 27705
Accessioning Unit and Repository Recruiting
Durham, North Carolina, United States, 27710
Duke Investigational Drug Service Pharmacy Recruiting
Durham, North Carolina, United States, 27710
United States, Ohio
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Recruiting
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45206
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center Recruiting
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45206
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center Recruiting
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45229
Aventiv Research Inc. Recruiting
Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43213
PriMed Clinical Research Recruiting
Dayton, Ohio, United States, 45419
Senders Pediatrics Recruiting
South Euclid, Ohio, United States, 44121
United States, Pennsylvania
Allegheny Health and Wellness Pavilion Recruiting
Erie, Pennsylvania, United States, 16506
United States, Rhode Island
Velocity Clinical Research-Providence Recruiting
Warwick, Rhode Island, United States, 02886
United States, South Carolina
Palmetto Pediatrics, PA Not yet recruiting
North Charleston, South Carolina, United States, 29406-9170
United States, Tennessee
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Recruiting
Memphis, Tennessee, United States, 38105
Clinical Research Associates Inc Recruiting
Nashville, Tennessee, United States, 37203
United States, Texas
ARC Clinical Research at Wilson Parke Recruiting
Austin, Texas, United States, 78726
Driscoll Children’s Hospital Recruiting
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, 78411
University of Texas Medical Branch-Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences Clinical Trials Program Not yet recruiting
Galveston, Texas, United States, 77555
Ventavia Research Group, LLC Recruiting
Houston, Texas, United States, 77008
Texas Children’s Hospital – Clinical Research Center Recruiting
Houston, Texas, United States, 77030
West Houston Clinical Research Service Recruiting
Houston, Texas, United States, 77055
United States, Utah
J. Lewis Research, Inc. / Foothill Family Clinic Recruiting
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 84109
J. Lewis Research, Inc. / Foothill Family Clinic South Recruiting
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 84121
United States, Virginia
Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville, PLC (Private Pediatric Practice) Recruiting
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, 22902
Pediatric Research of Charlottesville, LLC (Regulatory Only) Recruiting
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, 22902
Pediatric Research of Charlottesville, LLC Recruiting
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, 22902
Virginia Research Center Recruiting
Midlothian, Virginia, United States, 23114
United States, Washington
Seattle Children’s Hospital Recruiting
Seattle, Washington, United States, 98105

Tampere Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland, 33100
Tampere university/ Oulu vaccine research clinic Recruiting
Oulu, Pohjois-pohjanmaa, Finland, 90220
Helsinki East Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland, 00930
Tampere University Vaccine Research Turku Recruiting
Turku, Varsinais-suomi, Finland, 20520
Espoo Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Espoo, Finland, 02230
Helsinki South Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Helsinki, Finland, 00100
MeVac, Meilahti Vaccine Research Center Recruiting
Helsinki, Finland, 00290
Jarvenpaa Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Jarvenpaa, Finland, 04400
Kokkola Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Kokkola, Finland, 67100
Pori Vaccine Research Clinic Recruiting
Pori, Finland, 28100
Seinäjoki Vaccine Research Center Recruiting
Seinäjoki, Finland, 60100

IN VIVO Recruiting

Bydgoszcz, Poland, 85-048
Centrum Badan Klinicznych JCI Recruiting
Krakow, Poland, 30-348
O?rodek Bada? Klinicznych Appletreeclinics Recruiting
Lodz, Poland, 90-349
GRAVITA Diagnostyka i Leczenie nieplodnosci Recruiting
Lodz, Poland, 91-347
Rodzinne Centrum Medyczne LUBMED Recruiting
Lubon, Poland, 62-030
Niepubliczny Zaklad Lecznictwa Ambulatoryjnego MICHALKOWICE Recruiting
Siemianowice Slaskie, Poland, 41-103
Nasz Lekarz Osrodek Badan Klinicznych Recruiting
Torun, Poland, 87-100
Provita 001 Recruiting
Warszawa, Poland, 02-647

Hospital Clínico Universitario Santiago de Compostela Recruiting
Santiago de Compostela, A Coruna, Spain, 15706
EAP Centelles Recruiting
Centelles, Barcelona, Spain, 08540
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu Recruiting
Esplugues De Llobregrat, Barcelona, Spain, 08950
Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya Recruiting
Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain, 08195
Hospital Universitario HM Monteprincipe Recruiting
Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain, 28660
Hospital de Antequera Recruiting
Antequera, Malaga, Spain, 29200
Grupo Pediátrico Uncibay Recruiting
Malaga, Málaga, Spain, 29015
Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre Recruiting
Madrid, Spain, 28041
Hospital HM Puerta del Sur Recruiting
Mostoles, Spain, 28938
Instituto Hispalense de Pediatria Recruiting
Sevilla, Spain, 41012
Sponsors and Collaborators
BioNTech SE