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The Vatican China deal was apparently negotiated by alleged pedophile-sexual predator Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

China reportedly uses the BGY system to control the world: Blue = control of the internet; Gold = buying influence, and Y = control with sex and seduction.

Catholic — Special Report — Vatican China Sellouthttps://youtu.be/QnvuEOYSt-g (Link to the above short video – 9 minutes)

Experts are saying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been sending $2 billion annually to the Holy See since 2013, the year Pope Francis took office. The lucre is part of a CCP strategy for world domination to bribe, compromise and control Italy through the Vatican and the European Union through Italy. The deal between China and the Vatican seems traceable to the disgraced Theodore McCarrick.” https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/vatican-china-sellout

References this book: “Contagio rosso. Perché l’Italia è diventata il cavallo di Troia della Cina in Occidente di Galietti”, F. (“Red Contagion. How Italy has become China’s Trojan Horse in the West”).

The Vatican’s Secret Deal with China – Is The Catholic Church Being Paid…” ?https://youtu.be/NygT6EcwEjw (Short video, 9 1/2 minutes)

Defrocked cardinal Theodore McCarrick charged with sexually assaulting teenager in 1970s” BOSTON (MA) Boston Globe July 29, 2021 By Shelley Murphy https://www.bishop-accountability.org/2021/07/defrocked-cardinal-theodore-mccarrick-charged-with-sexually-assaulting-teenager-in-1970s-2/

Although the figure of a McCarrick who was a serial predator emerges from the report, no great reaction was triggered until 2017, when the first report of the abuse of a minor arrived…. It was deliberately ignored that what permitted McCarrick’s irresistible rise is a system of power also known as the gay lobby, which favors the appointment and career of bishops with certain characteristics….https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/vigano-mccarrick-report


‘[They] want Vatican to shut up and follow the CCP about the religion polices,’ Guo said on the radio show. ‘That is disaster.” Guo “also claimed that the Chinese government was paying the Holy See with $100million (£80million) before 2014, without specifying when those payments initially started….
‘CCP is so worried, so they give two billion [dollars] to the Vatican, 1.5 billion [dollars] to Australia, 100million [dollars] to Italy…
” See: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8451783/Fugitive-tycoon-accuses-China-bribing-Vatican-1-6billion-year.html

And, Biden Sec. of State Blinken wishes China Happy National Day today. 🙄

Kamala Harris Covered Up 75 Years of Sex Abuse of Little Boys by Catholic Priests, Including Priests Still Working with Children