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Breaking!!! Why migrants from Haiti have Chile ID? Special guest Intelligence Officer from Chile” Oscar El Blue: https://youtu.be/wpvcFFyi_e4

The first half discusses the Chilean Haitians and how they used money that Chile gave them during the pandemic to travel to the US border. They are also using Chilean documents to pass Latin American borders until they arrive at the US border. Jesuit charities are allegedly teaching the migrants legal loopholes.

The second half discusses Chile and, among other things, mentions Maoist Shining Path as having infiltrated Chile and as organizing immigrants. Also mentions FARC infiltration. They importantly discuss lithium mining in Chile and Mexico.


In some small towns in Chile people have been run out of their homes by migrants, according to the video. Be forewarned.

Migration Crisis – First Special Edition in English – Interview with Oscar El Blue”: https://youtu.be/GSoDei7OgpU