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Biden said during his meeting with India’s PM Modi: “I think what we’re going to do is bring in the press. The Indian press is much better behaved than the American press. I‘ve got to watch out though [incomprehesible mumbling]. I think, with your permission you should not answer questions because they won’t ask any questions on point.https://rumble.com/vmxfs5-biden-indian-press-is-much-better-behaved-than-american-press.html

Who is “well-behaved”? “Well-behaved” for Biden’s generation was used for dogs and maybe children. For earlier generations it was used for children. “Well-behaved” suggests training and obedience and obedience training. It’s impossible to think of any context in which this would be a compliment, unless you are a dog or a child. Rare is a “well-behaved” cat. A cat may be “well-mannered”, because they want to be. Now “well-behaved” seems to be considered too demeaning for dogs and children. In fact, neither Biden’s son, nor his dog are “well-behaved”.

So, members of India’s press seem to have been compared to well-trained dogs, and they are apparently too ignorant of American language and culture to even notice.

One India newspaper apparently translated “well-behaved” as “polite and elegant”. “Well-behaved” isn’t the same as “polite and elegant”. It’s not even “well-mannered”. It implies obedience, or apparent obedience, which implies subservience or apparent subservience. And, it implies docility.

Thus, Biden’s comment on India’s press shows that he values apparent subservience. We must emphasize “apparent” because upper caste Hindus are anything but subservient. For the Hindu upper castes, subservience is for the lower and under castes (Dalits aka “untouchables”).

Remember that Biden isn’t very Irish at all, if at all. He’s mostly British (Anglo-Norman). And, the British, such as Kamala Harris’ ancestor, used people from India to replace former slaves, because they appeared to be more docile.

Meanwhile, people from India, like China, have apparently been playing a long game of taking over. Perhaps it helps if they don’t know enough of the English language and culture to notice insults?

Starting at the dawn of the US Civil Rights movement, the United States government started importing people from India – mostly Hindu upper castes on H visas – to be the new “persons of color”. Once the Civil Rights bills were signed into law, the US government opened up the floodgates to the third world and extended family joining. Then they started giving minority contract set-asides and affirmative action to these elites from India, who quickly took advantage and leveraged this to take over large sectors of the economy, such as the steel industry and high level nuclear waste cans (Holtec), and the IT sector. This sped up with the huge numbers brought in on H1Bs starting in 1990 and increased in 2000. These migrants smile to get what they want and smile when they get what they want, but when they don’t get what they want, they start to whine and then get mad. We’ve seen that with Holtec’s Kris P. Singh and we’ve seen that with the H1B visa holders – who were supposed to be temp workers – demanding green cards.

In India, the lower castes, and now lower classes, get affirmative action, and not the upper castes or upper classes! The upper castes and classes come to the USA to get affirmative action and restore their upper caste status. They have taken over in a few decades.

Allowing India’s upper castes to get affirmative action, and minority contract set asides is like giving this to white South Africans. And, the US probably does give affirmative action-minority contract set asides to white South Africans, who can easily claim to be “African American”. They are South African-Americans, after all.

The United States was not created by a docile people. Many foundational Americans were deported (transshipped) to the American colonies due to protest or rebellion.

Apparently British women were sent to the Americas for telling people off. Prior to the American Revolution, one of my ancestresses appears to have been deported from the UK, maybe more than once, for not holding her tongue and later dunked in church for telling someone off, who probably deserved it. For too long, Americans have taken their rights for granted.

Americans have been diluted and replaced by mannerly and docile European peasants-serfs-underclasses for generations, but we didn’t always notice since they were “white”. We are still being replaced by white Europeans, it’s just that now that their birth rates have declined that they are fewer in number than those from India or East Asia.

The strange thing, however, is that Jill Biden doesn’t appear to be docile or subservient. And, neither is the Biden dog, unless someone’s telling him to bite people: “Judicial Watch announced today that it received 36 pages of records communications from the Secret Service that show the Bidens’ dog Major was responsible for numerous biting incidents of Secret Service personnel. One email notes that “at the current rate an Agent or Officer has been bitten every day this week (3/1-3/8) causing damage to attire or bruising/punctures to the skin.” The documents show that agents were advised to protect their “hands/fingers” by placing their hands “in their pockets.” Photos of the dog bite injuries were redacted (blacked out) by the agency….”https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/biden-dog-major/

Another strange thing: The record for rude journalist is surely held by the very ungrateful Indonesian, Patsy Widakuswara, who works for what is supposed to be Voice of America (VOA), and who obnoxiously screamed at US Sec. of State Pompeo and asked “what he is doing to restore US reputation and whether he regrets saying there will be a second Trump administration.” https://archive.md/HKSyL Her English is neither American nor English. Neither her apparent intent nor her grammar makes sense: “to restore US reputation”. Her apparent intent assumes that the US needed to restore its reputation. However, it should be the US’ reputation or US reputation in the world or wherever she thinks needs to be restored. And her phonetics are even worse. Then she hired a lawyer when she was justifiably demoted. Why do we have a Voice of America Senior White House Correspondent, who doesn’t master the English language and isn’t well-mannered, and who is a foreigner? If she is “well-behaved” and obedient who are her masters? This is an important job and should be held by an American who doesn’t butcher the English language.

It’s surprising that Joe Biden didn’t replace Jill Biden with an apparently docile subservient Russian, as many American men did, who didn’t want a woman talking back to them.

And, by the way, lately we do find more truth, and things that we need to know, in India’s press. India’s press frequently appears more honest, than the press in the USA. That’s not difficult these days, though. Whether that is true for people in India, however, we don’t know. India seems to be keeping most of its best and brightest, and sending out people ranging from average to mediocre to incompetent.

Biden: Indian Press Is Much Better Behaved Than American Press” Mr Producer Media Published September 24, 2021 https://rumble.com/vmxfs5-biden-indian-press-is-much-better-behaved-than-american-press.html

Biden To Indian PM Modi: “The Indian Press Is Much Better Behaved Than Than American Presshttps://youtu.be/vglLMON903k

Does India really think that this is a compliment? Or are they simply obeying their masters in playing a long game? “Biden praises Indian press, says they are better behaved than US journalists” By Oneindia Correspondent | Published: Saturday, September 25, 2021, 9:46 [IST] https://www.oneindia.com/india/biden-praises-indian-press-says-they-are-better-behaved-than-us-journalists-3315590.html

The insult appears lost in translation. The title as translated says: “Indian journalists are more polite than Americans,” Biden said in a meeting with Modi” by: Suparna Majumder, September 25, 2021 9:05 am https://www.sangbadpratidin.in/world/joe-biden-claims-indian-press-is-much-better-behaved-than-the-press-of-america/

Within the text a translation of their translation is “Indian media workers are much more polite and elegant than American journalists.”

But, that’s not what Biden said. Ignorance is bliss?


They were bound to keep under cover during the midday hours, for it was said that none but mad dogs and Englishmen walked abroad then.” (“The Adventures of a Griffin on a Voyage of Discovery”, by Harden S. Melville, 1867)
The saying ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen’ – meaning and origin”. https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/mad-dogs-and-englishmen.html

Noel Coward: “Mad Dogs and Englishmenhttps://youtu.be/HPnJM3zWfUo