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Washington – The House Freedom Caucus took an official position opposing President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate plan, requiring federal government employees and contractors be vaccinated against COVID-19. Additionally the plan dictates private businesses with 100 or more employees be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

“The House Freedom Caucus opposes federal mask and vaccine mandates,“ said Chairman Andy Biggs.

“President Biden’s invasive and unAmerican vaccine mandate is another attempt by the Biden Regime to expand its control over Americans’ daily lives. Members of the House Freedom Caucus stand united in opposing this unconstitutional, tyrannical federal action.” https://twitter.com/freedomcaucus

Rep Andy Biggs @RepAndyBiggsAZ Sep 10
Vaccine mandates are not about stopping the pandemic. They’re about Biden coercing Americans into obedience”.

Rep Andy Biggs @RepAndyBiggsAZ Sep 9
I will be introducing legislation to block this egregious assault on Americans’ freedom and liberty.

We must fight against these attempts to force vaccine mandates on the American people”. https://twitter.com/RepAndyBiggsAZ

The Real Story – OAN Biden Vaccine Mandate with Rep. Andy Biggs One America News Network Published” September 10, 2021 https://rumble.com/vmbuss-the-real-story-oan-biden-vaccine-mandate-with-rep.-andy-biggs.html