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Congressman Biggs Sends Letter to Companies Requesting Preservation of Communication Records of Democrat Representatives
September 8, 2021 Press Release

Today, Congressman Andy Biggs sent a letter to 14 companies requesting they preserve the communication and phone records of Democrat representatives for future investigative use.

This request is in response to the January 6 Select Committee’s attempt to obtain private phone records as part of its investigation into the events of January 6th.

“From day one, Pelosi and the Far-Left Democrats have acted above the law by creating a smear campaign to take down Trump supporters,” said Congressman Andy Biggs. “Conservatives in Congress will fight the malevolence of the Left as Democrats continue to attack on a partisan basis.

That is why we are calling on companies to preserve the phone and communications records of Democrat representatives for future investigative use. It’s time the Far Left lives under the same rules and standards they impose.” 

Read the full letter here https://biggs.house.gov/sites/biggs.house.gov/files/documents/Twitter%20Letter%20w-o%20Names.pdf