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The active Covid-19 infection rate at ICE facilities is 5%, based on their statistics. Much of this is currently concentrated in Texas facilities.

Based on the information available from the CDC and US Census, we estimate the active Covid-19 infection rate nationwide as 0.17%.

So, the illegal aliens within the ICE facilities have approximately 29 times the rate as the country as a whole.

This provides support to the probability that illegal migrants are seeding Covid-19 throughout the country, which is common sense. ICE facility workers could spread it from the facilities back to the general population, and the majority of illegal migrants are not even within facilities, but are at large, seeded amongst the general population.

The rise in Covid-19 throughout the United States followed Biden’s border surge. While this could still be a spurious correlation, that is impossible to believe. Covid-19 was dying down within the United States, and the new variant was imported from somewhere. Of course, a Nigerian recently imported monkey pox through air travel, apparently after returning home.

And, the Biden administration has been seeding illegal migrants around the United States, even providing bus rides and flights. There is additional statistical evidence pointing in the direction of illegal migrants driving the Covid surge, too, but putting the pieces together is time-consuming. Some places hide the information, as well.

Very few of the illegal migrants are vaccinated and they aren’t forcing the vaccine on them, like they are on Americans. Meanwhile, they blame North Americans for the new Covid-19 spread.

There’s no mandatory vaccinations and no contact tracing for these illegal aliens, but YOUR life is altered because of Covid restrictions/vaccine mandates.” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/50000-illegal-aliens-crossed-border-released-us-without-court-date-no-mandatory-vaccinations-no-contact-tracing/ (The 50,000 is those caught and released without a court date, so apparently not those given court dates and not those who were not caught.)

Covid-19 cases had slowed enormously, until Biden opened the US borders. Some sectors only catch 10% of those crossing so that millions may have entered from all over the world.

It appears that a major reason that they are letting in the illegals is probably to spread Covid-19 and other diseases around the United States. Why don’t they force vaccinate the illegal aliens, making them the guinea pigs, instead of pressuring and blaming Americans? Who is behind the diabolical monsters in power?

Detained population in official ICE facilities as of July 23, 2021 is 23,670. Covid-19 Positive Cases Currently in Custody, Under Isolation or Monitoring, as of 07/25/2021 is 1,398.
(ICE may still have agreements with unlisted local jails, as well.)
ICE Detainee Statistics
Page information is recorded from a live database; data may change as the agency receives updated case information.
ICE Covid-19

The original link may be seen at the archive: https://archive.is/xlCAl

US case totals in last 7 days is 397,718 (posted 3:05 pm July 27, 2021)
US population estimate July 26, 2021 is 332,558,667, which almost certainly excludes the recent border surge, which may be in the millions. Based on 7 day case totals, the US case totals are 0.11% of the general population, compared to the ICE facility which is 5%. If we assume that on average the cases last 10 days, rather than 7 days, then that could be prorated to a rough estimate of 568,168 active cases or 0.17%. Because of exponential growth the percentage of active cases among Americans is probably less, as one goes backward by 10 days.