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As though worrying about tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes weren’t enough, China’s dropping rocket debris, apparently by design, and China plans more.

For much of Saturday, the apparently designed-built on-the-cheap, and, thus, intentionally out-of-control Chinese rocket was threatening the US mainland, the Atlantic, Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, Spain, Tasmania, and more: https://archive.md/qP20z People from Mexico, Spain and Turkey seem to have taken this the most seriously. The rocket ultimately entered the atmosphere around the Arabian Peninsula and landed, at least in part, in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. Anyone who says that it’s not a problem, because it may land in the ocean is malicious or mindless. Apart from environmental considerations, there are boats, ships, and airplanes that are put at risk. Why? Apparently, because China decided to do a cheap design. Or did they only manage to steal part of the design? Covid-19 appears to have been designed by US researchers, but likely made and let loose by the CCP Wuhan lab, and intentionally allowed to spread. Whether or not they designed Covid-19 itself, US researchers developed gain of function techniques for coronavirus and worked with Chinese researchers-Wuhan lab.

Doing this unintentionally is bad, doing so intentionally is evil. China plans many more launches of this rocket type. This is terrorism and must be stopped! China needs regime change, but this will need to come from within. It may need to start from within the Chinese Communist Party with the ouster of Xi. This event, and China’s attitude about it, makes clear that it is ruled by an out-of-control rogue regime.

‪“@18SPCS confirms that CZ-5B (#LongMarch5B) (48275 / 2021-035B) reentered atmosphere 9 May at 0214Z and fell into the Indian ocean north of the Maldives at lat 22.2, long 50.0. That’s all we have on this re-entry; thanks for the wild ride and 30K more followers. Good night!” ‬https://twitter.com/SpaceTrackOrg

Unlike VOA news which appears a blindly loyal propagandist for the Chinese Communist party, Zulfikar Abbany of Germany’s DW had a good title “China’s rocket: Uncontrolled, unpredictable return home: It’s impossible to predict when and where China’s Long March 5 rocket, a CZ-5B, will crash down to Earth. But it will. The question is: What’s the risk?

The European Space Agency is tracking developments. Their space debris office told DW that the uncontrolled reentry of a CZ-5B core stage was the heaviest of its kind in more than 20 years. But they say that “the actual mass [of the rocket] is unknown,” so it’s difficult to be exact./ That’s an important fact because you would usually want to control the way in which you “de-orbit” any spacecraft, be it part of a rocket or old satellite, to make sure you control where and when it lands. And since China’s Long March 5 rockets appear to use uncontrolled reentries by design — they have done it once before with a CZ-5B rocket in May 2020…” Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics “”Before the CZ-5B started flying there were NO ‘by design’ uncontrolled reentries above 10 tonnes since 1990… In 2018, a prototype for the new Chinese space station also crashed to Earth.” Read more here: https://www.dw.com/en/chinas-rocket-uncontrolled-unpredictable-return-home/a-57425829

And, actually, it didn’t return “home” unless China owns the entire earth. Still, it’s much better than VOA. The Chinese rockets are not meant to be reusable, either, unlike Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Fox has a better title: https://www.foxnews.com/science/chinas-rogue-long-march-5b-rocket-debris-slams-back-to-earth

Chinese Long March 5B re-enters over Arabian Peninsula
By U.S. Space Command Public Affairs Office
U.S. Space Command can confirm the Chinese Long March 5B re-entered over the Arabian Peninsula at approximately 10:15 p.m. EDT on May 8.

It is unknown if the debris impacted land or water.

USSPACECOM does not conduct direct notifications to individual governments. The exact location of the impact and the span of debris, both of which are unknown at this time, will not be released by U.S. Space Command.” https://www.spacecom.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2600853/chinese-long-march-5b-re-enters-over-arabian-peninsula/

The consistent expert tweets seemed to be from both The Aerospace Corporation, which is largely financed by the US government, and SpaceTrack Org which is a US government site, even though it says it’s not a DoD site.

The Aerospace Corporation, a nonprofit which The New York Times says is largely financed by the federal government, has a “Reentry Prediction” page, with graphics in addition to coordinates”. See: “China rocket debris tracker: How to see location where it will land; Live tracking maps and Twitter accounts are monitoring the debris from Chinese rocket” By Julia Musto | Fox News https://www.foxnews.com/science/china-falling-rocket-debris-track

Meanwhile, US Strategic Command opted to tweet about a World War II veteran, even as the US seemed to be imminently threatened by the falling Chinese rocket-debris: “The first female Asian American naval officer who eventually became the service’s first female gunnery officer, Navy Lt. Susan Ahn Cuddy carved the path for Asian American women. #AAPIMonthhttps://archive.md/5t3eH. The Naval officer was of Korean ethnicity. Interesting story and a good reminder that the US is diverse and has been diverse a very long time so we don’t need any more immigrants. However, it belongs in a Library of Congress tweet.

For past and future reference, US government sites:
Space Track: https://twitter.com/SpaceTrackOrg
18 Space Control Squadron hasn’t tweeted since March: https://twitter.com/18SPCS

Prediction as of 9 May 1.13 am UTC:
NORAD 48275,
CZ-5B (Long March 5B)
2021-05-09 02:11:00 (UTC)
+/- 60 minutes
35.9 N, 24.4 E


An update from The Aerospace Corporation May 8, 2021. It’s unclear if this 3:37 pm is UTC, Moldova time, or California time. 3:37 UTC is 11.37 am EDT. However, if you go directly to twitter it shows 6.37 pm EDT, so it must be California time. Aerospace Corp is located in California : “Our latest prediction for #LongMarch5B CZ-5B rocket body reentry is 09 MAY 2021 03:02 UTC ± 2 hours along the ground track shown here”. We added the text to image.


‪“#UTSA aerodynamics professor @DrChrisCombs is critical of China’s plan for #LongMarch5B stage reentry on May 8-9. Calls it a “reckless design approach.” He’s concerned for people and property‬” https://twitter.com/UTSAnewsroom/status/1390420266589827073

After the uncontrollable Covid-19 virus, now the uncontrollable rocket #LongMarch5B. The Chinese have got talent!
HT: https://twitter.com/REM_ZE_974/status/1391316840715014147

NEWS | May 4, 2021
USSPACECOM tracking Chinese rocket; 18th SPCS providing updates to Space-track.org
By U.S. Space Command Public Affairs Office
U.S. Space Command is aware of and tracking the location of the Chinese Long March 5B in space, but its exact entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere cannot be pinpointed until within hours of its reentry, which is expected around May 8. Until then, the 18th Space Control Squadron will be offering daily updates to the rocket body’s location on Space-track.org beginning May 4. USSPACECOM will provide additional information as it becomes available.

The 18th SPCS at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, is tasked with providing 24/7 support to the Space Surveillance Network and tracks more than 27,000 man-made objects in space, the majority of which are in low-earth orbit. All debris can be potential threats to spaceflight safety and the space domain, and the 18th SPCS delivers front-line space defense and warnings to the global space community.

All publically releasable information about space debris can be found on Space-track.org. Read more about 18th SPCS and its mission here.https://www.spacecom.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2595768/usspacecom-tracking-chinese-rocket-18th-spcs-providing-updates-to-space-trackorg/

Space-Track.org (www.space-track.org) is a public website owned by USSPACECOM and CFSCC, and managed and populated by 18 SPCS. It is the primary method of sharing SSA information with the global space community at the basic, emergency, and advanced levels.https://www.space-track.org/documents/Spaceflight_Safety_Handbook_for_Operators.pdf

VOA blindly repeats the Chinese Communist Party line for the title, like good Chinese Communist Party propagandists. Trump appears to have been right: US government owned VOA is acting as a propaganda organ of the Chinese Communist Party. If it were really a US agency it would be entitled “Out-of-Control Chinese Rocket is a Threat”, especially since it menaced a large part of the United States. Compare the VOA title to that of Germany’s DW: “China’s rocket: Uncontrolled, unpredictable return home”.

Voice of America is apparently now US taxpayer funded Voice of China!
China Says Rocket Debris Unlikely to Cause Damage
By VOA News
Updated May 07, 2021 11:59 PM
An out-of-control Chinese rocket is expected to reenter Earth’s atmosphere this weekend, but experts do not know where debris from the craft will land or exactly when it will happen. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Friday that the rocket is unlikely to cause damage. 

Wang told reporters in Beijing that the rocket will mostly burn up on reentry and “the probability of this process causing harm on the ground is extremely low.” 
He said China is closely following the rocket’s path toward Earth and will release any information about it in a “timely manner.” 

The Long March 5B rocket was launched April 29 from Hainan Island. It was carrying a module for a planned Chinese space station. After the unmanned Tianhe module separated from the rocket, the nearly 21,000-kilogram rocket should have followed a planned reentry trajectory into the ocean. Because that did not happen as planned, the rocket will now make an uncontrolled reentry, and no one knows yet where the debris will land. 

“U.S. Space Command is aware of and tracking the location of the Chinese Long March 5B in space, but its exact entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere cannot be pinpointed until within hours of its reentry,” Lieutenant Colonel Angela Webb, of U.S. Space Command Public Affairs, told CBS News.  

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that “this rocket debris” is “almost the body of the rocket, as I understand it, almost intact, coming down, and we think Space Command believes, somewhere around the 8th of May.” 

Reentry is expected Saturday or Sunday. 

While the odds are good that any debris will fall into the ocean, in May 2020, debris from another Long March 5B rocket fell on parts of Ivory Coast, causing damage to some buildings. 

Harvard-based astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell told Reuters that the debris could fall as far north as New York or as far south as Wellington, New Zealand. 

Speaking with reporters Thursday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the United States has no plans to try to shoot down the rocket.  

“We have the capability to do a lot of things, but we don’t have a plan to shoot it down as we speak,” Austin said. 

“We’re hopeful that it will land in a place where it won’t harm anyone. Hopefully in the ocean, or someplace like that,” he added. 

The launch of the Tianhe module is the first of 11 planned missions to build the Chinese space station. China Says Rocket Debris Unlikely to Cause Damage https://www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/china-says-rocket-debris-unlikely-cause-damage