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Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, while organizing black sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee, who were protesting unequal wages and working conditions imposed by Mayor Henry Loeb, whose paternal grandparents were German Jewish post-Civil War immigrants, and whose mother was Irish Catholic.

When are we going to talk about Asian privilege? Black Americans working full time earn only 63% that of Asians. White Americans only earn 80% that of Asians. Compare to American women who only earn 80% that of men. Black American academics, as well as white American academics, have been replaced by immigrants in the name of “diversity”.

In 1967, the number of Asians in the United States was less than 1%. Today it is 5.9%. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/PST045219 The US population has doubled since the dawn of the Civil Rights era, as well.

Back when NBC news still did news:
1967: “MLK Talks ‘New Phase’ Of Civil Rights Struggle, 11 Months Before His Assassination” : https://youtu.be/2xsbt3a7K-8

As Martin Luther King says, America must see that: “No other ethnic group was a slave on American soil”. He points out that after slaves were freed in 1863, they weren’t given land, but that new immigrants, who came after the US Civil War, were given free land out west. At the time, most immigrants were white, though black immigrants came from the Caribbean, as well.

Above all, when are we going to talk Asian-Indian upper caste privilege, in America and elsewhere? Most Asian-Indians have come to the United States since Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Most Asian-Indians, who have immigrated, are part of their elites – upper caste/upper class for over a thousand years, yet have claimed minority status/affirmative action/minority contract set-asides meant to empower black Americans, whose ancestors were enslaved.

We’ve still never had a black American president – only a president whose mother was white and father born in Africa (Kenya). An African argued with me, if Obama’s not African American then what is he? So, yeah, he is African and American, but doesn’t share the history of the black majority. Now, instead of the promised black American Vice President/acting President, we have a Hindu Tamil Brahmin (Iyer), with a mixed-race Jamaican father, who was given a scholarship by the UK. We don’t even know what the mix is, and he may not, as her father has only spoken of his white slave-owning ancestor.

Since Martin Luther King died, immigrants, from Asia, Latin America-Caribbean and Africa, have been favored over both black and white Americans, through a combination of H1B work visas and giving them the affirmative action-minority contract set-asides originally intended for black Americans, who suffered under slavery-Jim Crow within the United States. Caribbean blacks weren’t enslaved in the United States and got their freedom decades before African Americans did.

To put this in context, “Women had median weekly earnings of $857, or 80.4 percent of men’s earnings in the first quarter of 2020“: https://archive.md/05k79

Today, black Americans working full time earn only 63% of what Asians earn in the United States. The current median weekly earnings of black Americans is $775 and that of Asians is $1,221. https://archive.is/05k79 For the US government-census, Asian includes people from India, who apparently have the highest income, and who are almost entirely from their upper castes. Since the US census doesn’t allow a citizenship question, the figures presumably include non-citizens and temp workers.

In the United States, the income of white Americans is only 80% of that of Asians (includes India). The median weekly earnings of whites is $979 compared to $1,221 for Asians.

Most Asians immigrated to the United States after Martin Luther King’s death. The numbers increased with import of high numbers in 1990 and 2000 under the H1B visa, as well as due to never-ending extended family joining of earlier immigrants.

Martin Luther King was speaking in 1967, before programs like Section 8 Housing voucher program came into being, where very poor families only pay 30% of their income for rent (and utilities): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_8_(housing)
People who only work part time at minimum wage come out better than most of those who work full time and/or get an education to improve themselves. Bernie Sanders’ push to raise the minimum wage only means that people will have enough money to be denied social welfare benefits, but too little to survive, unless they work multiple jobs or there are multiple workers in the household. Contrary to what people are led to believe, the United States has a very extensive social welfare net. It’s the middle classes and aspiring middle classes who are truly impoverished. The policies of the Dem Party, which appear designed to bankrupt the United States-devalue its currency, will not only finish strangling the middle classes, but destroy the social welfare net, as well. The only hope is that if the Republicans are allowed back in power in 2022, that they can pass laws to pull back some of the recent spending – much of which is to be spread out over a period of several years.

Women had median weekly earnings of $857, or 80.4 percent of men’s earnings, first quarter 2020 APRIL 21, 2020: Median weekly earnings of the nation’s 115.9 million full-time wage and salary workers were $957 in the first quarter of 2020. Median weekly earnings for women were $857, or 80.4 percent of the median of $1,066 for men…https://archive.is/05k79 While the article gives earnings for “hispanics” they don’t say if this includes “hispanic” whites, who are the majority. Nor do they clarify if the white classification includes “hispanics” or simply “non-hispanic” whites. “Hispanics” are the most poor, on average, with weekly earnings of $722 compared to $775 for black Americans and $1,221 of Asians. “Hispanics” earn only 59% that of Asians, illustrating that the so-called POC (person of color” category is a big con. American Indians were enslaved within what is now the United States, but they weren’t imported as slaves. The free land which the United States gave to new immigrants, after the Civil War, was recently stolen American Indian land.

Once people get their permanent residency and their citizenship, they are permanently in the United States, unless fraud is proven. So, we need to stop giving affirmative action-minority contract set-asides to anyone whose ancestors immigrated after the US Civil War. This will dry up a lot of immigration. We need a moratorium on immigration, too.

It’s also important to realize that different immigrants have different histories, and new immigrants need to show some respect for those who were already here. If you are an immigrant, you’ve taken someone else’s job – someone who was already here. Above all, not all “skin folks” are kin folk and that goes for all races and ethnicities. Why are we still importing people from the UK and Ireland, for instance, when ethnic British and Irish are not welcomed back to the UK or Ireland?

Lorraine Motel site of Martin Luther King assassination released to public domain via Wikipedia.