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Asians are 5.9% of the US Population and 4.3% of Racial Bias Hate Crime Victims; Blacks are 13.4% of the US Population and 48.4% of Racial Bias Hate Crime Victims; Jews are Far More Frequent Victims of Hate Crimes Than Asians in the USA.

It is worth noting that, with the exception of the Vietnamese and Laotians, most Asian immigration to the United States has been economic migration by choice. The majority of Black Americans came to the United States as slaves, though there are increasing numbers of economic immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa. Earlier generations of East Asians had to face the (?occasional?) hostility of those Americans who lived through World War II, the Korean war, and the Vietnam war. During World War II they had to face both hostility of the general public and persecution by the US government. Furthermore, to the extent that immigrants compete with locals for jobs, there will be inter-group hostility, as explained by A. Philip Randolph.

Civil Rights activist A. Philip Randolph wrote in 1924 regarding immigration “we favor reducing it to nothing”: “We favor shutting out the Germans from Germany, the Italians from Italy, the Hindus from India, the Chinese from China, and even the Negroes from the West Indies. This country is suffering from immigrant indigestion. It is time to call a halt on this grand rush for American gold, which over-floods the labor market, resulting in lowering the standard of living, race-riots, and general social degradation. The excessive immigration is against the interests of the masses of all races and nationalities in the country — both foreign and native.https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/02/15/immigration-restrictions-helped-lead-to-dr-martin-luther-king-us-civil-rights-success/

Unfortunately, no distinction is made between East Asians and those from the Indian subcontinent in the statistics, however. No distinction is made between temporary workers, permanent residents, and US citizens, either.


Jews are only 2% of the population but there were 1032 Jewish hate crime victims compared to 215 Asian victims. Asians are 5.9% of the US population. In short, there are almost three times as many Asians as Jews but there are almost five times more Jewish victims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Jews

The most recent data available is 2019.
Race/ethnicity/ancestry bias (Based on Table 1.)
In 2019, law enforcement agencies reported that 4,784 single-bias hate crime offenses were motivated by race/ethnicity/ancestry. Of these offenses:
* 48.4 percent were motivated by anti-Black or African American bias.
* 15.8 percent stemmed from anti-White bias.
* 14.1 percent were classified as anti-Hispanic or Latino bias.
* 4.3 percent resulted from anti-Asian bias.
* 3.6 percent were a result of bias against groups of individuals consisting of more than one race (anti-multiple races, group).
* 2.6 percent were motivated by anti-American Indian or Alaska Native bias.
* 2.6 percent were classified as anti-Arab bias.
* 0.5 percent (25 offenses) were motivated by bias of anti-Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.
* 8.2 percent were the result of an anti-Other Race/Ethnicity/Ancestry bias.

Religious bias (Based on Table 1.)
Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 1,650 offenses reported by law enforcement. A breakdown of the bias motivation of religious-biased offenses showed:
* 60.3 percent were anti-Jewish.
* 13.3 percent were anti-Islamic (Muslim).
* 4.0 percent were anti-Catholic.
* 3.6 percent were anti-Other Christian.
* 3.0 percent were anti-Sikh.
* 2.8 percent were anti-Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other).
* 2.5 percent were anti-multiple religions, group.
* 1.5 percent were anti-Protestant.
* 0.8 percent (14 offenses) were anti-Mormon.
* 0.4 percent (7 offenses) were anti-Hindu.
* 0.4 percent (7 offenses) were anti-Jehovah’s Witness.
* 0.4 percent (6 offenses) were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc.
* 0.3 percent (5 offenses) were anti-Buddhist.
* 6.5 percent were anti-other (unspecified) religion.

(These include both crimes against people and property crimes).