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Kamala’s uncle G. Balachandran at her swearing into the US Senate seat that she occupied. She presented him as a journalist, and not as an advisor to India’s Ministry of Defense.

Kamala (Iyer) Harris is doing Biden’s calls with foreign leaders for him, which should alarm everyone. Her uncle in India, to whom she is close, is belligerently pro-nuclear weapons and nuclear power – at least for India.

India hasn’t signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and hence its nuclear defense sites are not inspected by the international community. Her uncle bragged about India tricking the CIA during India’s nuclear weapons test.

Her uncle has spoken highly of Russia, even after they invaded Crimea.

He has advised India’s Ministry of Defence on nuclear and the Americas for decades.

He was a consultant for the Confederation of Indian Industry, and so maybe behind the Jaitapur and other nuclear reactor deals.

Kamala herself has a track record of protecting both corruption at San Onofre nuclear power station and India-born Kris Singh of Holtec’s plan to bury nuclear waste on the coast at San Onofre. She was also California AG during Fukushima. We have even read that her mother was working in the lab with radioactive iodine, while pregnant with Kamala Harris. Not surprising that her mother died young of cancer.



During the first days of Tepco’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, Kamala’s uncle Gopalan Balachandran screamed on TV in India, like a petulant child, at those raising the alarm about the disaster. Is throwing temper tantrums the upper caste (Tamil) Brahmin way? TamBram Temper Tantrum? During his tantrum, her uncle accused those concerned about Fukushima of being nuclear illiterates, whereas he is the one who is willfully blind and ignorant: “Debate: No lesson from Japan? – 2”, March 15, 2011, Times Now https://youtu.be/IHAYIR0a5Ts The moderator is great. Her uncle isn’t. Her uncle said that opponents were just against everything nuclear, including the nuclear family. The last is super-ironic considering his niece. Kamala’s uncle G. Balachandran even pretended that the Three Mile Island accident didn’t discharge ionizing radiation, in a debate.

We warned and warned about her maternal uncle, G. Balachandran, to whom she has always been close. We warned about how dangerous he and she both are to the United States and internationally. We were almost entirely ignored, and continue to be ignored. Those who care about nuclear proliferation should be alarmed, but are not, for reasons that we cannot fathom. India has never signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and is not subject to inspection of its defense sites.

Kamala’s uncle appears to be somewhat of a cross between an older brother and a surrogate father, after her parents divorced, and her mother tried to keep Kamala and her sister away from their Jamaican father. After watching her uncle, it should be clear that anything good in Kamala Harris, including her good looks, is from her Jamaican father. It’s hard to imagine someone from Jamaica having a temper tantrum on TV, especially their very reserved upper classes.

Who was in charge of the United States during Fukushima? Obama and Biden, of course. Who was California AG while they were being bombarded with Fukushima radioactive plumes? Kamala Harris, of course. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/us-state-dept-unclassified-email-warned-radioactive-steam-from-fukushima-blowing-toward-tokyo-foia-page-appears-missing Obama’s Energy Czar (Moniz) went to Fukushima to sickly proclaim an “all of the above” US energy policy, including nuclear energy. Moniz hung out in a hotel in Lausanne Switzerland making the nuclear deal with Iran.

G. Balanchadran’s niece, Kamala, while California Attorney General, offered cover for dangerous corruption at San Onofre nuclear power station, and defended the burial of nuclear waste on the California coastline: “AG Harris failed to properly execute search warrants against CPUC and SCE in the course of the investigation, failed to compel timely disclosure of evidence, and allowed the statute of limitations to expire on charges against CPUC President Michael Peevey, stemming from improper meetings with Edison executives in Poland in 2013. Most recently, Harris failed to adequately address conflicts of interest issues raised by her decision to defend SCE’s radioactive waste disposal plan in court, while simultaneously investigating its role in the CPUC’s probe of the San Onofre closure.” (From former US Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez news release)

Kamala Harris’ uncle, G. Balachandran, has long advised the India ministry of defense, especially on nuclear matters and the Americas. This formally continued while she was seated as a US Senator on the intelligence committee, among important committees. His PhD is in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin.

In stark contrast, former President Trump said, in 2016, that “It’s a very scary nuclear world. Biggest problem, to me, in the world, is nuclear, and proliferation.” Regarding defense of Japan, Trump said: “If they’re attacked, we have to go out with full force. You understand. That’s a pretty one-sided agreement, right there. In other words, if we’re attacked, they do not have to come to our defense, if they’re attacked, we have to come totally to their defense. And that is a, that’s a real problem…” NYT interview, Transcript: “Donald Trump Expounds on His Foreign Policy Views” MARCH 26, 2016 https://archive.ph/L3uiC But, of course, the mainstream media petrified people into believing that Trump would launch a nuclear bomb. While we apparently got conned by media into believing that Trump was in bed with Putin, we had read the transcript, and about Trump’s uncle, and believed that he was one of the only US Presidents who truly understood the dangers of nuclear. This is probably why Trump Tower is built out of concrete, as an above ground bunker. Trump’s mother spoke Scots Gaelic, his grandmother spoke German, and the wives to whom he stayed married don’t speak English well. He spent a lot of time on construction worksites, too. We believe that this is why he doesn’t always express himself well. And, the mainstream media intentionally distorts everything that he says.

At Jaitapur, a long list of concerns”: https://www.livemint.com/Politics/1HDqBVsanaCNkevDBmuGkI/At-Jaitapur-a-long-list-of-concerns.html
See too: https://www.dianuke.org

In 2013: “Dr. G. Balachandran is a Consulting Fellow at the IDSA. He has a PhD in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. His specialization includes issues related to economics and technology. He is associated with the National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi. He is a Consultant both to the Americas Division of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and to the Confederation of Indian Industry. Dr. Balachandran has conducted studies and published widely on the India-United States Next Steps in Strategic Partnership as well as on India-US Civil Nuclear Co-operation Agreement. He has also carried out studies on Pakistan’s Defence Expenditure, on US Export Control Procedures and policy. He is currently engaged in a study on Pakistan’s Energy Security.” http://web.archive.org/web/20130530025413/https://idsa.in/profile/gbalachandran

Unlike Kamala’s uncle who is an economist who appears mostly oblivious to the dangers of ionizing radiation, Donald Trump’s uncle, Dr. John Trump, PhD ca 1960 “was one of the pioneers of rotational radiation therapy, which limits the dose delivered to healthy tissue.”, explains Physics Today.

Kamala’s family served in a government which allied with the USSR, and her beloved maternal uncle calls Russia a great friend to India, even after they invaded Crimea. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/08/21/kamala-harris-uncle-called-russia-steadfast-friends-after-russia-annexed-crimea/

In stark contrast, Trump’s uncle was an MIT professor who served the US government, and as a liaison to the UK, during World War II, concentrating on radar, then a new technology.

See: “A profile of John Trump, Donald’s oft-mentioned scientist uncle: The president’s uncle was an MIT physicist and engineer who made his mark in the development of high-voltage generators, World War II radar, and cancer therapies.” By William Thomas, Physics Today, DOI:10.1063/PT.6.4.20181019a 19 Oct 2018 in People & History https://archive.ph/apyVW

John G. “Trump received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering (then Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) in 1929, his master’s degree in physics from Columbia University, and his doctorate of electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1933. He was a professor at MIT from 1936 until 1973”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_G._Trump

The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris immigration policy will lead to more nuclear power because of the huge population growth. If the immigrants stayed in their warm and sunny homelands, they wouldn’t require as much energy and could do solar. There is also an increased risk of nuclear sabotage. Since her uncle strangely brought in the nuclear family, we will note that Biden-Kamalaa Harris’ immigration policy undermines the nuclear family, because Americans a) can’t afford to marry, and b) if they do marry they often have to drive long distances to work. The last, of course, uses lots of gas. Meanwhile, Asian-Indians – imported to steal American jobs and given affirmative action/minority contract set-asides – are the highest earning ethnic group and still get “minority” privileges. The minority contract set-asides were intended to uplift African Americans, who were enslaved within this country, and women. The policy of bringing in upper class, upper caste people from India was and is an Anti-American, classist, racist, and sexist policy. The architect of the policy seems to have been Teddy Kennedy.

Holtec’s Kris Singh appears to have leveraged the ten percent minority contract set-asides (given to the fake minority from India) to take almost total control of America’s nuclear waste industry, and used that control as a basis to spread his dangerously constructed waste cans around the world.

This blogger wasted years of life warning about the dangers of nuclear power, working around 80 hours per week, to no avail. We worked hard to make the risks understandable, to no avail.

Even anti-nuclear activists shrugged off Kamala and her uncle – deeming Trump a bigger threat, because they believed the mainstream media presentation that he is mentally ill. So, don’t be surprised that we no longer write much about nuclear topics. Besides, my research indicates that my radiation exposure is so high that I need to enjoy life while I’ve got it. We don’t do hopeless causes, unless it’s for the historical record or entertainment. The topic of nuclear and cancer isn’t fun. Life is short, and we aren’t paid to do this blog.

The biggest danger to the US environment is out of control immigration. Without trees and wildlife, there’s not anything left to save from nuclear. The country will become desert. Growing population increases energy needs. Furthermore, allowing immigrants to steal American jobs, means that Americans lack the financial means, and/or time, to care for the environment. If immigrants weren’t brought in to steal our jobs, then Americans wouldn’t be forced to lease land to oil companies or cut trees or develop the land, simply to pay property tax, and survive. The TENORM from the oil industry becomes more radioactive over time. However, around oil wells seems to be some of the only places spared from housing and commercial development and where nature is allowed to survive.

There you have it. Too late now. All of those who failed to speak up against Kamala Harris, and her uncle, will get what you deserve. The same is true for those who failed to speak up against apparent election fraud. The only hope now is divine intervention, such as a change of heart in the Dem majority, or the second coming of Christ. We won’t hold our breath.

Make sure that you listen to Kamala’s uncle. Have trouble understanding him? You better get used to it. Start by listening to him at 75% speed and then put it to full speed. Your new rulers are the upper castes of India, and they have their own version of English.