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Elections have consequences. Some are irreparable.

Approximately 90% of the approximately TWO TRILLION DOLLAR bill is unrelated to Covid relief. The entire purpose of this bill seems to be to destroy the United States, under a mountain of insurmountable debt. Those of us who have studied debt crises know that structural adjustment-debt default is very ugly with devaluation of currency and no social welfare. If even one US Senator would have opposed certification of all six states with apparent widespread voter fraud, this economic train wreck of a TWO TRILLION DOLLAR bill almost certainly wouldn’t be moving forward (The House vote on electors would have been by state delegation, which was majority Republican.) The vote to move this Covid bill forward was 50/50 with Biden VP Kamala Iyer Harris giving the decisive vote. Kamala, whose uncle is a long-time advisor to the government of India on defense. Kamala’s uncle, in India, may be doing our foreign policy, since Kamala is apparently doing Biden’s calls to foreign leaders. Kamala is an Iyer (Brahmin), who shouldn’t even have US citizenship, as she was born to two foreign non-immigrant students with no historic ties to the United States. Too bad she isn’t taking advice from her father. Her father appears to have long ago changed his economic viewpoint and he warned Jamaica against its debt burden. Jamaica ignored him and recently took out loans from China.

First state officials, and the judiciary system, failed to take up their responsibility regarding election fraud. It was the duty of the US Supreme Court to take up the Texas election case, and they failed. The final fail was the US Senate.

The United States is doomed due to Dem-wits, Demonrats, Neocons, and Wusses.

Ernst: A COVID Relief Bill Should Focus on COVID Relief. Period. As the Iowa senator reiterates this message, Democrats are putting their liberal wish-list items first and Americans last in their partisan $1.9 trillion “COVID-19 relief” bill
Mar 01 2021
WASHINGTON – For months now, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) has said any future COVID-19 relief should be focused on COVID-19. Her Democratic colleagues have a much different idea

Video: https://youtu.be/kvXj5btKtY4

This week, Ernst, known as the Senate’s leading foe of wasteful government spending, is shedding light on the extraneous, non-COVID related provisions or policy wish list items included in the Democrats’ proposed nearly $2 trillion dollar “COVID-19 relief” package, which, in part:
* Allows jobless MILLIONAIRES to access enhanced unemployment payments
* Allows MILLIONAIRES to enroll in a child care program intended for low-income families
* $140 million for the Bay Area Rapid Transit expansion in California
* $1.5 million for the Seaway International Bridge, which connects New York to Canada
* $350 billion to bail out states – heavily benefitting those with more stringent lockdowns
Ernst – who has a long record of working across the aisle – has helped deliver five bipartisan COVID-19 relief packages that provided critical support to Iowans. Through her work in the Senate, Ernst has continued to prioritize the needs of Iowans while bringing attention to congressional Democrats’ partisanship.
Share This: https://www.ernst.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2021/3/ernst-a-covid-relief-bill-should-focus-on-covid-relief-period

Her page on wasteful spending: https://www.ernst.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/make-em-squeal