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Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics. by Jenn Smith Publication date 2017-08-13
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Topics Transgender, Transsexual, Brainwashing, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Propaganda, Jenn Smith, Synanon, Straight Inc., Behavior Modification
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My experience with opposing trans-activism has led me to the conclusion that the activist element in the trans community has become and uses (knowingly or unknowingly) the techniques of cults such as Synanon.

Certainly those that constitute the more radical activists in the transgender movement behave just like cult members and are just as willing to ignore reality as any member of even the most bizarre religious cult.

There are a great deal of questions regarding just who is behind the international trans agenda and what their end game is, or why almost every organ of power is supporting the mass delusion that is the new transgender movement. Investigation has revealed several billionaires at work (notably Martine Rothblatt and Jennifer Pritzker), as well as funding and promotion from the pharmaceutical industry and even the highly lucrative cosmetic giants. But just who is promoting this and why is not the primary subject of this essay; the methodology of recruitment is. With that being clarified, there are of course both macro and micro levels of the trans agenda, and the macro level will be addressed in the conclusion.

It should be noted from the outset that the goal of this essay is not to draw exact equivalencies between Synanon and transgender activists, only to illustrate similarities in the basic psychological processes or agencies that facilitate transgender youths becoming part of radical transgender activism, which is typically centered on various online social media forums.

It is difficult to address this issue without investigating and speculating on the reasons why governments all over the western world are pushing this so hard. It appears as if the creation and promotion of trans cult activism and ideology is part of a larger social engineering agenda, and one that requires everybody’s attention.

Governments that engage in social engineering using deception and propaganda do not tell people why they are doing it. As was the case with the “incubator baby slaughter” that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq by President George Bush Sr., we the people only find out after the fact, and in that case after hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. It thus becomes incumbent upon freedom loving citizens to speculate on the reasons why our leaders are supporting the mass delusion that is transgender activism, and this will be addressed in the final section of this essay.
Audio and text found here: https://archive.org/details/Synanon00
Pdf: https://ia800805.us.archive.org/19/items/Synanon00/SynanonTransgender.pdf
Jenn Smith’s blog: https://transanityca.wordpress.com
Jenn Smith, who identifies as transgender, discusses the importance of distinguishing “the difference between transgender people, who should be tolerated and not feared, and transgender ideology, which is a quasi-religious reality denying worldview that has been trampling women’s rights and selling dangerous fairy tales to highly vulnerable children.” See: https://transanityca.wordpress.com/2020/07/30/the-specter-of-transgender-ideology-and-the-exploitation-of-vulnerable-children-an-unlikely-alliance-between-sjw-dragonslayer-derek-sloan-and-transgender-activist-jenn-smith-in-the-call-for-a-nat-2/