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Did Richard aka “Rachel” Levine, MD, take a pay cut, when he declared himself a woman? On average, as a medical doctor who is a woman, Levine would only earn 63% of doctors who are men: “physicians and surgeons ($1,476 women; $2,343 men)”.

Women doctors earn 63% of men: https://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2017/womens-median-earnings-82-percent-of-mens-in-2016.htm

Richard “Rachel” Levine, MD, is a biological male, who has declared himself a woman. There’s no reason that he can’t wear his hair long and look like this and still be called a man. Many men have long hair, and, historically, most men had long hair. As the organizers of “Women Picket D.C.” March 8, 2021 have stated: “The Word Woman is Taken!https://womenpicketdc.org

In the early 20th century, women weren’t allowed to attend the Med School that R. Levine attended – Tulane University in New Orleans. Would he have declared himself a woman, if it meant not attending medical school? Richard (“Rachel”) Levine had children with his now ex-wife (divorced ca 2013). Why didn’t he sacrifice marriage and having children and declare himself woman? Why didn’t he become a nurse, which has long been a women dominated field?

Dr. Elizabeth Bass, MD, and her sister, had to attend medical school in the north, because Tulane, and other southern medical schools, wouldn’t accept them. She later taught at Tulane Med School:

Dr. Elizabeth Bass MD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Bass

One thing that we know, for certain, is that he didn’t give birth to his children – his wife or another biological female woman gave birth. If biological males (men) went through pregnancy and childbirth, then babies would already be grown in labs. Men would have figured that out by now – without a doubt. And, medical care for women has made little progress, since the year 1000, presumably because the medical field was dominated by men.

Levine didn’t forgo any benefits of being a man in life, but, rather, waited until he reached the age of male menopause (andropause- “change of life”) to declare himself a woman. Simple deduction suggests that, with less testosterone, he apparently no longer “felt” like a man and falsely construed this to mean that he is a woman.

And, he has apparently encouraged those adolescents undergoing hormonal changes (“change of life”) from childhood to adulthood, and feeling confused, to declare themselves transgender and undergo puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones. This causes irreversible damage, including making the adolescents sterile for life. How much money did (does?) he make from this, including as a Medicaid provider for (poor) adolescents – the age group he specialized in? How much money from the “street kids” that he apparently treated (treats?)? When he attended Tulane, the poor of Charity hospital, in New Orleans, served as human guinea pigs for medical students. Levine had his children, but has denied others children.

LGBTQ was mainstream in New Orleans, when he attended school there (late 70s-early 80s), and LGBTQ was really in a sort of heyday then, just before AIDS was discovered. Men dressed as women was not at all unusual in New Orleans, when he attended Med School. One can only suppose that Levine didn’t want to let go of the perks of being a man, such as having biological children, easier employment, and higher wages.

King Louis XIV of France, the Sun King.

King Louis XIV had long hair and wore high heels. As can be seen, the heels are red. Under Biden-Dem “gender” ideology, this would make him a woman. Hopefully the reader sees the pernicious nature of “gender” ideology, which is rooted in socially constructed stereotypes with no biological foundation. And, how the Biden-Dem “Equality Act” actually undermines equality.

Sex (i.e. male-female) is biological-genetic and determined at birth. “Gender” is socially constructed stereotypes. When Biden Health & Human Services Nominee, R. Levine, MD, graduated from Tulane Med School, in the early 1980s, the vast majority of US medical doctors were men. Tulane admitted women to Med School later than some places, so the number of women graduates there was likely lower.

Men are still 2/3rds of US doctors. Gender is socially constructed gender stereotypes-gender roles. So, by gender role Levine is a man; by genetics-biology, he is also a man. To gender himself as a woman, he needs to renounce his medical degree and return to nursing school, and take a pay cut (or move abroad).

Percentage female doctors by country:


When Levine graduated from Med School, many women still aspired to become doctors, rather than nurses, to overcome gender stereotypes. Even in pre-med university studies, women were few.

By allowing men to declare themselves women based on gender role stereotypes, the Biden administration and Dem “Equality Act” will destroy the progress that women have made in demolishing gender stereotypes within medicine, and elsewhere. For Biden and the Dems, the new left, identity is everything, unless you are a woman or an American. If you are a woman, or an American, then people can steal your identity. Men can wake up and declare themselves women and steal women’s jobs and rights. And, foreigners can wake up and declare themselves Americans, and steal American jobs. It is shocking the extent to which they hate women, and hate Americans. They are anti-American misogynists. American women are in trouble, as is the entire country.

Levine is also piggy backing on women’s progress. Would Levine have declared himself a woman if it meant not being allowed into medical school? If it meant he couldn’t serve in government? If it means taking a pay cut? Would he declare himself a woman if it meant being told he couldn’t have a job because he was a woman? How about if he were a “minor” before the law and couldn’t own property in his own name? If he couldn’t vote? If he couldn’t drive? What if he had gone into nursing and was told he had to leave his field upon marriage, which was true for women, in the USA, as recently as the 1960s?

Why did Levine feel that he had to grow out his hair? Modern gender stereotypes? Historically, men and women had long hair and many men have long hair today. What makes Levine think he’s a woman? His necklace?

R. Levine is the father of two children, presumedly his biological children. This certainly corresponds to the gendered stereotype of father. If these are his biological children, he didn’t give birth to them, his wife did. If not his wife, another woman. Throughout the childhood of his children, he apparently acted as their father, since he only divorced his wife ca 2013, when he was 56 years old.

One long-term impact of Biden’s EO, and the deceptively named “Equality Act”, is that females who don’t dress and behave, according to a society’s stereotype, will be categorized as men, and males who don’t conform to male stereotypes will be categorized as women. Biden Health & Human Services Nominee Richard “Rachel” Levine is a biological-genetic male, and professionally conforms to the gender stereotype of a man. We conclude that Dr. Levine is a man.

It’s easy to feel sorry for Dr. Levine, because he looks rather pitiful.

However, just think about the apparent role that he played in killing elderly women in PA nursing homes, by sending Covid-19 positive patients back into these homes. These elderly women didn’t have the perks of being men and suddenly “choose” to become women. They didn’t choose to be women, they were born that way. Levine is a long-haired version of Cuomo.

Think too, about the adolescents, who he has made/is making sterile for life, by prescribing puberty blockers, and who will likely get cancer and other problems from synthetic hormones.

Dr. Levine-the Dems-LBGTQ mafia (in cahoots with the pharma industry) would give King Louis the XIV puberty blockers and female sex hormones, because he looked like modern gender stereotypes for a woman. Then we would have Queen Louis XIV? Since, the new left loves to change history, maybe they will start calling him Queen Louis XIV, the Sun Queen, because he had long hair and red high heels?

Was Louis XIV Queen Louis dressed in drag? No! No! No! That’s how men dressed, as anyone who has ever cracked open a history book, or looked in wikipedia, should know.

King Louis XIV, as a child – shortly before he became King. The new left would call him a girl, and encourage puberty blockers and female hormones (estrogen).

King Louis XIV, at ca 17 years old. This is still adolescence, and the age of “children” that Dr. Levine specializes in.
So, if King Louis XIV hadn’t been turned into a girl yet, then Levine and his ilk would surely try again, because, don’t you see, King Louis was good-looking and had long hair. He’s a girl right? Well, NO! Levine thinks that growing out his hair and calling himself a woman makes him a woman…, but he’s a man, and so was Louis XIV. I got a really good grade in French Civ, passed genetics, and was alive in the 70s, when men had long hair. Being good looking and having long hair doesn’t make King Louis XIV a woman. Growing out his hair and possibly taking estrogen, doesn’t make Levine a woman, either. And, having short hair doesn’t make a woman a man, though men of Levine’s generation apparently thought so. Short hair was, and, in many places still is, a sign of women’s liberation!

According to the original use of the word “gender”, R. Levine is also a male-man:

By far, the largest health care occupation is registered nurses, with over 2.4 million workers, followed by nursing, psychiatric and home health aides (1.2 million). Women make up more than 85% of workers in both of these large occupations. There are about 763,000 physicians and surgeons working full-time, year-round and about a third are women.” https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2019/08/your-health-care-in-womens-hands.html While the majority of pediatricians are now women, this wasn’t the case when Levine graduated from school and it wasn’t the case until very recently. In the year 2000, men still dominated pediatrics. His speciality is adolescent medicine, too, which the average person wouldn’t consider pediatrics. So, should Richard Levine change his name to Rachel Levine simply because women started to be the majority in pediatrics? That’s the illogical “logic” of talking about “gender” discrimination, rather than discrimination based on biological sex.

People get (inherit) their chromosomes, which contain their genes, from their parents. Chromosomes come in pairs and humans have 46 chromosomes, in 23 pairs. Children randomly get one of each pair of chromosomes from their mother and one of each pair from their father. The chromosomes that form the 23rd pair are called the sex chromosomes. They decide if a person is male or female. A female has two X chromosomes, and a male has one X and one Y chromosome. Each daughter gets an X from her mother and an X from her father. Each son gets an X from his mother and a Y from his father.” https://www.cdc.gov/genomics/about/basics.htm

For a long time, women weren’t allowed to attend Levine’s Med School of Tulane University: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Bass

Ben Carson: Transgenderism ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’: Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Monday that being transgender makes just about as much sense as a person deciding to change his or her ethnicity or a leopard deciding to identify as a tiger”. https://www.christianpost.com/news/ben-carson-transgenderism-doesnt-make-any-sense.html No one has explained yet why it’s ok for a man to declare himself a woman, but not ok for a white American to claim to be African-American. Neither is ok, but over the course of history, women have been oppressed far longer than African-Americans were enslaved.

And, can non-Jewish people take Levine’s Jewish identity, simply because they feel Jewish? Some Jewish denominations allow conversion but the person isn’t ethnically Jewish, because that is genetics. So, too, is being a man (male) or woman (female), genetic. Isn’t being Jewish traditionally matrilineal? Through the mother? Isn’t that a recognition of genetics, women, and motherhood? The mitochondrial DNA is from your earliest mother (female). The y chromosome from your earliest father.

Long hair suits Dr. Levine, MD, but it’s gross stereotyping for anyone to believe that having long hair makes you a woman, and short hair a man. Of course, that sort of stereotyping was typical of his generation. 🙄😡 And, the entire country is undergoing an anti-woman (anti-female) backlash, on steroids, of which he, Biden’s Executive order, and the Equality Act are symptoms. They are Anti-American misogynists.