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The House vote is today. Stopping this bill is something that more than half of the country should be able to get behind. Anyone who supports it must be removed during the election primaries. It’s a back door plan to strip women and girls of their rights and force them to stay permanently cloistered at home and muzzled. Coronavirus lockdowns and masks (aka niqabs) have provided training. The Ayatollah Khomeini approved transsexuality and Iran does more sex change surgeries than any other country. Biden&Harris -backer Omidyar’s apparent uncle does sex change surgeries in Iran.

The best solution is to make separate facilities for those who do not want to conform to male-female biological sex, rather than to strip the rest of the population of their rights. Furthermore, if someone has an actual sex change, and looks like the opposite sex, no one is going to question them, anyway.

Excerpts from WOLF, Hands Across the Aisle, and Concerned Women Summary (see entire summary further below):
The Equality Act, introduced in the US House of Representatives as H.R. 5 in 2019, includes gender identity rules that have received little public focus regarding their adverse impact on sex stereotyping bans, or the danger they pose to women and children… “Gender-related identity” has no definition. It likely refers to a claim of feeling that one is of a different sex, or no sex, regardless of one’s biological makeup. Physical sex is clear for 99.98 percent of people, and all intersex people also have a sex. Rules and policies based on this poor wording and muddled thinking will create judicial chaos and will not protect the rights of women and children, or anyone else the bill seeks to protect.

Discrimination against people on the basis of appearance, mannerisms, and the oddly undefined “characteristics,” as related or unrelated to sex, should already be prohibited under existing laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex stereotypes. This definition seems to define sex stereotypes as a protected characteristic, thereby erasing legal protections women may have against discriminatory sex stereotyping. Indeed, lawyers and judges are being directed to disregard sex, making it impossible to define the category of sex that commonly has the stereotype attached to it.

The authors of this bill can’t define either gender or gender identity outside of sex stereotypes, yet they suggest that any person can claim a gender identity. This gender identity, still undefined, will override their legal sex in all those cases that the law previously allowed sex to be recognized as a bona fide consideration…

Also from the summary, “The bill prohibits an individual from being denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.” This means that American women will no longer be able to expect any single-sex facilities when using or being required to stay in:

Shared hospital rooms or wards 
Locker rooms and public or group showers 
Multi-stall bathrooms 
Jails, prisons, or juvenile detention facilities 
Homeless shelters 
Overnight drug rehabilitation centers
 Domestic violence or rape crisis shelters….

These are some jobs and assignments this change will affect, taking away the right of Americans to insist that only someone of the same sex be able to:

Perform security pat downs or strip searches 
Supervise locker rooms or shared showers 
Handle intimate care for hospital and long-term care patients 
Chaperone a doctor or medical assistant who is providing such care 
Perform intimate medical examinations 
Supervise drug tests 
Supervise children on overnight trips.
http://www.womensliberationfront.org | http://www.handsacrosstheaislewomen.com | http://www.concernedwomen.org https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f232ea74d8342386a7ebc52/t/5f2b12d2bf4b780dd15ff37d/1596658386844/Equality-Act-HB5-2019-Summary-3-org-2-pager.pdf

Link: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f232ea74d8342386a7ebc52/t/5f2b12d2bf4b780dd15ff37d/1596658386844/Equality-Act-HB5-2019-Summary-3-org-2-pager.pdf