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Horrible Pramila Jayapal brought to us by the horrible H1B visa program: India born Congresswoman PRAMILA JAYAPAL COWERS in the gallery (balcony) of the US Capitol during the January 6, 2021 protests WITH NO MASK ON. Another woman near her – maybe an assistant- is hollering (aka discharging spit). The unidentified woman without a mask apparently thinks that God is hearing impaired. Then Pramila blames “selfish Republicans” for her Covid diagnosis. Pramila is either insane or true Demon-rat.

PBS: Protestors Breach US Capitol Building During Congress Count Electoral College Vote with commentary added.

On January 3, 2021 Pelosi had a Covid-19 positive House lawmaker come vote in person to ensure Pelosi’s win as Speaker within the US House. Three days later Pramila Jayapal was cowering in a “gallery” (balcony) of the US Capitol, while it was “breached” by protestors. Pramila Jayapal had no mask on. WE REPEAT: PRAMILA JAYAPAL HAD NO MASK ON; CAUGHT COVID; AND BLAMES REPUBLICANS. HOW MANY WERE EXPOSED BY PRAMILA NOT WEARING A MASK? On January 10th or 11th, a week after Pelosi exposed everyone, Pramila tested Covid positive.

But, of course, she blames Republicans for not wearing a mask. She and the other Demonrats are either evil or stark raving mad!

At one point someone was sitting without a mask next to her in the video, but we didn’t get that screen grab. Then there’s another crazy woman, without a mask, who thinks that God’s hearing-impaired and who’s hollering a long-winded “prayer”, ignoring that Jesus said not to engage in vain repetitions, because God knows what you need and gives an example of a short prayer, known as “the Lord’s Prayer” or “Our Father”. (Pelosi wants it called “Our Parent”. ) Some spit particles from the hollering woman could have possibly traveled the distance between her and Pramila.

PBS: Protestors Breach US Capitol Building During Congress Count Electoral College Vote

About the background of the evil India born menace known as Pramila Jayapal:
Pramila Jayapal’s mother’s name is Maya Menon. She has explained that her real (father’s) surname is Muduvangad Puthanveetil (the house name in Kerala, India) and his first name was Jayapalan. He shortened it to Jayapal and made that his last name, and used M.P. as a sort of first name. [This appears to have been the style in India]. Pramila notes that both of her parents were from Kerala, which, she pointed out, is known for being one of the two Communist States in India. Her paternal uncle was Secretary of Labor in Kerala. We presume that her family background is communist, then. Her caste is Nayars. She grew up in Indonesia, the child of an oil company engineer. She moved to the USA as a student, then stole jobs from Americans as an H1B worker, and then apparently got her green card-citizenship through marriage. https://archive.li/Kqzs3 Nayar-Nair are traditionally snake worshippers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nair Unlike her compatriots of India, sitting in the US Congress, she did go back to try to “help” India, but found it too hard and returned to the USA and appears to want to “fix” the USA and make it like India or perhaps more dysfunctional than India. Go figure. The only thing crazier is that she is allowed to do it.

Pramila Jayapal is behind the “Medicare for All” bill which robs the two Medicare Trust funds, that US workers paid into with the promise of care in old age. Under the Sanders-Jayapal bill, the Trust Funds would be liquidated into a general pool to cover all individuals on US soil, including illegals and would be gone within months. The Trust Funds are its only source of funding. https://www.medicare.gov/about-us/how-is-medicare-funded https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/the-all-powerful-secretary-in-bernie-sanders-medicare-for-all-bill-is-a-former-big-pharma-drug-ceo-lobbyist-political-hack/ Medicare currently covers around 58 million, which is roughly the low estimate of new immigrants that Biden-Harris aim to import in the near term. https://www.fairus.org/issue/amnesty/numbers-how-biden-harris-immigration-platform Contrary to popular belief, the very very poor (part-time minimum wage workers) and the disabled receive Medicaid, even in non-Medicaid expansion states. Medicare for All, as written by Pramila, is Medicare for None. The end result will be that everyone will have to buy health insurance, regardless of age. Companies won’t go back to providing health insurance to workers once Medicare for All fails. And, seniors will have to buy private insurance at market rates, too. Medicare for All is dangerously centralized and would facilitate a sort of medical life-boat ethics, and denial of care, if it were implemented. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/01/06/great-reset-biden-covid-unethical-ethicist-thinks-75-is-good-age-to-die-accused-of-profiting-off-of-lockdowns-rahm-emanuels-bro-zeke/

We don’t know if Pramila is kin to this Menon:
From the Observer archive: this week in 1956
Nehru’s double standards over Russia’s intervention in Hungary condemned
Mr Nehru’s admirers have been distressed by his persistent refusal to blame Russia’s brutal intervention in Hungary in the same outspoken terms that he has applied to the Anglo-French action in Egypt.

He authorised his representative at the United Nations, Mr Krishna Menon, to vote with the Soviet bloc against the resolution calling for a Russian withdrawal.https://www.theguardian.com/news/2015/nov/15/from-the-observer-archive-1956