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Gab CEO Andrew Torba Speaks Exclusively to Revolver News About His Plan to Save Free Speech and America January 11, 2021
Excerpts: “You would think we were living in Communist China, because Visa banned my family via the blacklisting of my personal address, phone number, etc. My wife can’t open a merchant processing account because we share an address. That’s the level of control that these oligarchs have and this is what they will do to anyone who dares to dissent against them.

My family and I are just the test case. This needs to be stopped now. They are coming for anyone guilty of “wrong-think” next. We are seeing this unfold now with the President being banned from payment processors like Stripe. Both the President and anyone who even remotely supported him is being systemically removed from the internet and the financial services infrastructure. This should terrify everyone, even those who do not support the President…

I believe the American People need to hear from President Trump. So many of us voted for him, supported him for these past four years, and still support him to this day. He says 75 million, but in truth, it’s probably many more – and he knows that. We’ve been building and preparing for this day for over four years now. If Silicon Valley can do this to the President of the United States – they can and will do it to anyone” Emphasis added. Read the entire interview and other news here: https://www.revolver.news/2021/01/andrew-torba-exclusive-interview-gab-free-speech/

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Big Tech shuts down free speech but doesn’t shut down child porn: