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India Born Twitter Exec Vijaya Gadde Is Behind Ban On Trump; Was She Behind India’s Pro-Biden-Harris Twitter Troll Farm? She’s Losing Money For Twitter While Looking After Her Homies: Her Home Girl Kamala Harris & H1Bs From India. Trump Tried To Restrict H1Bs In Order To Protect US Workers. Biden-Harris Want To Further Open The Flood Gates Of Immigration From India, Thus Remaking Us Into Hindu America.

Maybe Paul Singer-Elliott wasn’t involved after all? However, Gadde wouldn’t be there still, if he didn’t approve of her, based upon what we’ve read. Paul Singer’s Elliot Management is believed to own around one third of Twitter stock, and to have threatened to fire Twitter’s CEO.

The Gadde name is the Kamma caste, a high-dominant caste group, who are/were like feudal landlords.
On “17 July 1985, the dominant Kamma caste group killed six Dalit men and raped three Dalit women in broad daylight in Karamchedu, a village in Prakasam district in coastal Andhra.” https://velivada.com/2017/08/17/remembering-karamchedu-dalits-massacre-many-lessons/

For those who missed it, Kamala was born to, and raised by, an upper caste Hindu Brahmin from India. Her Jamaican father had little to do with her upbringing. India born Vijaya Gadde was behind Trump’s ban from Twitter.

Indian-American Vijaya Gadde Spearheaded Ban On Trump’s Twitter Account: Twitter blocked Donald Trump’s handles for the first time, finally escalating its crackdown on the US President’s social media posts that they believe encouraged and supported rioters at the US Capitol.” Indians Abroad ANI Updated: January 11, 2021 12:11 am IST https://archive.vn/1autq

India interfered in the 2020 election. Did China? Maybe. We’ve seen no direct evidence, but they could have hidden hands anywhere. There are some Maoists in BLM but no one talks about India. China has loaned lots of money to India and they are both in SCO, Shanghai Cooperation Org, along with Russia.

Don’t know if China interfered in the US elections, but Kamala’s maternal home of India did:
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Got a Big Social Media Boost from Indian Troll Farms” BY SIDDHARTHYA ROY, ZENGER NEWS ON 11/2/20 AT 12:30 PM EST, Newsweek: https://archive.vn/wyhZ6

China-led AIIB has loaned over 3 billion US dollars to India:
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved a USD750-million loan to India to assist the government to strengthen its response to the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on millions of poor and vulnerable households…
AIIB’s total sovereign loans to India that have already been approved amount to USD3.06 billion, including a recent USD500 million COVID-19 emergency response

Twitter shares dive 7% after Trump account suspension By Ambar Warrick, Sruthi Shankar
(Reuters) – Shares of Twitter Inc slumped 7% on Monday, on course to knock off about $2.5 billion from the market value of the social media company after it permanently suspended the account of U.S. President Donald Trump…