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Video of allegations, followed by excerpts of (now deleted) tweets on the topic:
CIA Agents, Obama, Italy Involved in Stealing the US Election Full Audio with Maria Zack Nations In Action | Published 1/5/2021 Jan 05, 2021 Constitution1A
This is the FULL AUDIO! Partial Kanekoa Thread: 12/ AUDIO: The theft of the election was orchestrated by Stephan Serafini, a 20-year foreign service officer. Stephan coordinated with General Claudio Graziano, a board member of Leonardo. Italian intelligence provided us with documents, calls, & photos of CIA agents involved.
” See video and more here: https://tv.gab.com/channel/constitution1a/view/cia-agents-obama-italy-involved-in-5ff542642a2546da81c7b4bd

This is alleged to account for the massive voter spikes, which occurred during the night in multiple states, after the 2020 election in the USA.

General Claudio Graziano is an Italian Army officer who currently serves as Chairman of the European Union Military Committee. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudio_Graziano Leonardo is 30% owned by the Italian government. Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica is mentioned and is alleged to be connected to MI6.

Food for thought. The head of India’s Congress Party, which Kamala’s grandfather and father served, is Italian: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/01/11/kamala-harris-connected-to-italy-through-family-service-to-indias-congress-party-inc/

The Trump legal team seems to have wanted to go with more simple to understand facts like that dead people shouldn’t vote and that people shouldn’t vote twice, and worry with more complex topics later. Unfortunately, understanding that dead people shouldn’t be voting, etc., was too hard for a lot of folks. There apparently was local cheating, as well as more large-scale cheating. The alleged margin of victory by Biden was so small that smaller, more local, cheating was enough to change the results.

Allegations of Italy’s involvement are more plausible than one might think because forged Italian documents provided the excuse for Bush to invade Iraq. Also, Italian PM Conti joined China’s Belt and Road. Furthermore, the head of the US Subsidiary of Leonardo, which is one third Italian government owned, is a former Clinton-Obama appointee. Some allegations in writing and additional info: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/01/09/senior-it-expert-at-global-defense-contractor-testifies-in-italian-federal-court-he-and-others-switched-votes-throughout-america-in-the-u-s-presidential-race/

Excerpts of text from deleted Twitter feed of KanekoaTheGreat:
NEW: US election data was forwarded from Frankfurt, Germany to Rome, Italy where the man pictured below partnered with members of MI6, the CIA, & the Italian defense-contractor, Leonardo, led the operation & built the algorithms that were used to manipulate US election data.

This is according to articles & videos shared by tech entrepreneur @PatrickByrne who funded private cyber-security teams to monitor the 2020 election. The report alleges that US election data was altered then sent through an Italian-military satellite operated by Leonardo.

2/ Leonardo is an Italian multinational company specializing in aerospace, defense, security, and the eighth largest defense contractor in the world with €13.8 billion in revenue in 2019. The Italian government holds 30.2% of the company’s shares & is its largest shareholder…

5/ During the election, something unprecedented in the history of US elections occurred. Vote counting stopped. At that point, Rome went on stage by receiving the data from Frankfurt in order to recalibrate the hacking attack to deliver the victory to Biden

9/ An article published on Dec. 1, 2020 in the Italian national newspaper, La Verita, is titled “Trump’s lawyers have no doubts: An Italian hand in pro Biden fraud”. The article outlines the alleged operation executed in Rome in complicity of Italian defense-contractor, Leonardo…” See more of the deleted feed archived here: https://archive.vn/ffkbt