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They appear to have honed their censorship skills in China and now are using it on US. Boycott Amazon, that’s easy. Boycott Twitter. Boycott YouTube. Use Rumble, Bitchute. Boycott Google Search Engine Now. Get away from everything Google as soon as you can. Apparently everyone needs to get away from Apple as soon as they can, too. Boycott, boycott, to the extent that you can, as soon as you can, and while you can. Divest if you hold stocks in these companies. Buy an old fashioned radio if you don’t have one. Remember NPR has become propaganda news too.

Lou Dobbs, Jan 10 2021 ca 1 am EST:
Looks like Parler has a pretty strong antitrust, anti-competitive case against Google, Apple and Amazon. Tech oligarchs ban Parler in what appears to be close coordination with Twitter and Facebook in their ban of the President.
These are perilous times for civil rights, the Constitution and our great Republic. Stay vigilant and strong!
With corrupt courts they may not win their case. And, even if they do, Big Tech will have achieved their goal of making it difficult for those concerned about election integrity to communicate in the run-up to January 20th.

What’s next? Will Demonrat Pelosi team up with Cheney II (aka Liz Cheney) and Angela Merkel to kidnap Trump and take him to Brazil, like Cheney I’s side-kick, George Bush, and France kidnapped Haiti’s democratically elected populist President Aristide? Will Merkel borrow help from French and/or Chinese special forces? Merkel’s hanging tight with her communist past, it seems.

Amazon to take Parler offline, the third tech giant to deplatform the rising social app in days By Tom Parker Posted Jan 9 2021 11:09 pm Parler has been given 24 hours to find a new host. https://reclaimthenet.org/amazon-bans-parler-aws/

YouTube deletes Steve Bannon’s podcast after he interviewed Mayor Rudy Giuliani By Christina Maas Posted Jan 9 2021 10:35 pm All episodes of the podcast have been deleted“. https://reclaimthenet.org/youtube-deletes-steve-bannons-podcast-after-he-interviewed-mayor-rudy-giuliani/
Apple bans unbiased social network app Parler: Banned from iPhones for failing to meet Apple’s impossible, selectively-applied standard“. January 9, 2021 https://reclaimthenet.org/apple-bans-parler/

Parler is French “to talk or speak”. The past tense is parlé (or parlais, parlait, & a few more). All of those named are pronounced approximately parley. So calling Parler’s equivalent to tweets Parleys is logical. However, Americans are pronouncing Parler like Parlor. Parler reminds us of this Haitian Creole song with pronunciation very close to the French: “Pale Pale W (Talk) * Tande (Listen)https://youtu.be/JbecsC8oKyc – Not found on Rumble or Bitchute.

A parley (from French: parler – “to speak”) refers to a discussion or conference, especially one designed to end an argument or hostilities between two groups of people”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parley

We are posting some parleys from the CEO, for the record, as they will be unavailable for awhile, and they will not archive correctly. Amazon has been doing a slow down, it seems, before removing them.

From Parler Founder and CEO “John Matze @ John (Parler):
We are the closest thing to competition Facebook or Twitter has seen in many years. I believe Amazon, Google, Apple worked together to try and ensure they don’t have competition.

They will NOT win! We are the worlds last hope for free speech and free information.

What they are doing is unprecedented, unfounded and absolutely disgusting. Shameful.

This is a battle against all of us. Liberals, conservatives, atheists, Christians, black, white, etc. They want to keep their monopoly over speech. They want us fighting. They don’t want us working together. They don’t want us working with each other, they want us hating one another.

Parley – brings two people with conflicting ideas together. Our mission is free speech, democracy and us the people having the power. The elite don’t want us to be free, they want hate division and power!

Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight Amazon will be shutting off all of our servers in an attempt to completely remove free speech off the internet. There is the possibility Parler will be unavailable on the internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch. We prepared for events like this by never relying on amazons proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products.

We will try our best to move to a new provider right now as we have many competing for our business, however Amazon, Google and Apple purposefully did this as a coordinated effort knowing our options would be limited and knowing this would inflict the most damage right as President Trump was banned from the tech companies.

This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place. We were too successful too fast. You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out.


Apple will be banning Parler until we give up free speech, institute broad and invasive policies like Twitter and Facebook and we become a surveillance platform by pursuing guilt of those who use Parler before innocence.

They claim it is due to violence on the platform. The community disagrees as we hit number 1 on their store today. The same day “Hang Mike Pence”, a disgusting violent suggestion, was trending nationally on Twitter. Displaying the horrible double standard Apple and their big tech pack apply to the community.

Apple, a software monopoly, provides no alternatives to installing apps on your phone other then their store. We do not own our phones, Apple simply rents them to us. Apple, Google and the rest of the anti-competitive pack of big tech tyrants coordinate their moves and work together to stifle competition in the marketplace.

More details about our next plans coming soon as we have many options.

Google never had a conversation with us about an objective standard. Our position is that all the content they wanted us to remove was already removed or existed only on Twitter.

Their employees met with multiple people on our team a week ago via zoom. After they realized the call was being recorded they asked for clarity then they claimed they didn’t know how to properly use zoom and asked to reschedule the call. They never did and we have not spoken since.

We first heard about their decision in the press.

Do my former co-workers at AWS realize calls to violence are against our TOS… What are you trying to accomplish? Right now people are suppose to come together, calls to cancel people and remove free speech will radicalize people more…

Amazon employees call for company to cut ties with Parler after deadly U.S. Capitol riot
“We cannot be complicit in more bloodshed and violent attacks on our democracy,” the employee advocacy group wrote in a tweet“.https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/09/amazon-employees-demand-company-drop-parler-after-capitol-riot.html

Parler jumps to No. 1 on App Store after Facebook and Twitter ban Trump – TechCrunch
Users are surging on small, conservative, social media platforms after President Donald Trump’s ban from the world’s largest social networks, even as those platforms are seeing access throttled…
This is not an attack on Parler. This is an attack on our basic civil liberties and right to free speech. They know that the most powerful thing in the world is your voice and 1A.
The media tried to claim that “The Insurrection” was organized on Parler. There are quite a few problems with this.
1) Parler has no way to organize anything, Facebook groups was used heavily to organize the protests.
2) Protests are constitutionally protected.
3) Bad actors turned the protest into a riot.

I know the media and everyone wants to point fingers and place blame. It is convenient for them to turn Parler into a scape goat. The reality that everyone pointing fingers is to blame. We need to start thinking critically again and stop blaming one another. We MUST try to humanize one another again not dehumanize by leveraging witch hunt tactics which will accomplish the opposite of their intended purposes.

We will not cave to pressure from anti-competitive actors! We will and always have enforced our rules against violence and illegal activity. But we WONT cave to politically motivated companies and those authoritarians who hate free speech!

It seems to me that many in the elite class do not look in mirrors. They advocate for violence and riots for months. They ignore riots lighting DC on fire. Congresswomen call for violence and rioting them ask Twitter to censor people sharing their words….

According to the authoritarian’s who want to “heal this country” it can only be done through corporate and digital cleansing. Apparently healing doesn’t mean having a discussion as a country and coming together, it means canceling every idea they don’t like.

Book burning online. Book burning through the corporate elite. Smashing the career prospects of those with the wrong ideas. We all know what happens next.

Why don’t the elite put down their pitch forks and follow their own advice. Time to heal. Time to talk.

Political Director Of ABC News Talks About ‘Cleansing’ America Of Trump Supporters
Over the last four years, people in liberal media have called Trump an authoritarian and even a fascist. The truth is that they are projecting. The professional left is pretty much everything that…

Political Director Of ABC News Talks About ‘Cleansing’ America Of Trump Supporters

See more of John at this Parler link – hopefully soon: https://www.parler.com/profile/John/posts