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Press Release Contact: Garland Favorito December 31, 2020

Hearing set Monday to Compel Fulton Ballot Inspection
Senate Sub-Committee Backs Ballot Examination

ATLANTA GA –A Fulton County Superior Court has set a remote hearing for Monday, January 4 th , at 11:00am to determine if county mail-in ballots from the November 3 rd election should be visually and forensically inspected. Fulton county Defendants in the Favorito et al. v. Cooney et al. legal petition objected to the Plaintiffs’ Notice to Inspect and the Plaintiffs, organized by VoterGA, immediately filed a Motion to Compel public inspection of the mail-in ballots.

The need for an inspection got an unexpected boost when a Georgia Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee passed a unanimous motion Wednesday to issue a letter to Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts and Fulton County Election Board Chairwoman Mary Carole Cooney requesting they immediately allow a forensic inspection of the mail-in ballots. The letter was hand delivered to the County Attorney Wednesday afternoon. Plaintiffs’ attorney Todd Harding then filed an emergency supplemental motion citing the sub-committee letter as additional reason to immediately order compliance with the Notice to Inspect.

The sub-committee is seeking an inspection nearly identical to the relief sought in the emergency legal petition filed last week. The relief requested in the petition by Plaintiffs seeks to visually inspect all mail-in ballots, rescan them for a forensic exam and to obtain electronic copies of the Dominion ballot images and standard election reports. The petition was filed after Chairman Pitts told critics in a December 1st World Congress Center (WCC) Press Conference to “put up or shut up” about assertions of election fraud in Fulton.

The integrity Fulton’s mail in ballots were called into question nationally after the same Senate sub-committee saw a video of workers processing ballots in the State Farm Arena. The video showed a small group of workers pulling out thousands of hidden mail-in ballots from a skirted table and then scanning and rescanning them after Fulton Election Officials announced scanning would stop for the evening. When a full hand count audit was conducted on November 14 th and 15 th, four auditors detected potentially fraudulent mail-in ballots. They produced sworn affidavits explaining the ballots were not creased from mailing, not marked by a writing instrument and not printed on normal ballot stock. ” Original with embedded links here: https://voterga.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/press-release-hearing-set-monday-to-compel-fulton-ballot-inspection.pdf

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Affidavit: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/docs/2020/Fulton_Trump_Biden_Election_Affidavit.pdf