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Note that CIVIC and CLA PAC are both for Republican candidates. See screen captures of additional donations at the blog post bottom, and even more at the FEC.gov site.

According to current FEC records, in 2020 alone, Lin Wood gave over $1 million to Republicans, including over $375,000 to Trump. While this is peanuts compared to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, it’s not peanuts for the average person in Georgia.

Georgians do need to vote Republican on January 5th, so that the Senate remains Republican, and so that there is hope of blocking dangerous Congressional House bills, which will create massive irreparable damage, such as the two bills discussed further below. However, that doesn’t justify Matthew Boyle-Breitbart spreading lies/misinformation about Lin Wood. FEC data on Lin Wood is easy to check, so it appears that Breitbart wants to be sued.

Records: Lin Wood Has for Decades Voted for, Donated to Democrats Including Barack Obama and David Perdue’s 2014 Opponent“, by MATTHEW BOYLE 2 Dec 2020 Washington, DC, Breitbart: https://archive.is/k4q2b Shocking they haven’t retracted the article.

Breitbart has lost all legitimacy that the good work of Neil Munro on immigration policy earned them, in our eyes. This Breitbart article is back to their old cheap and lazy polemics, such as their 2015 or 2016 coverage of Haiti mining, which merely quoted the mining company web site, ignoring the massive amount of research done by this blog on mining companies in Haiti. In fact, it’s worse, because the FEC information on Lin Wood is easy to find and sort, and is in English.

We did watch Lin Wood on Wednesday, and assumed that Lin Wood was doing a calculated bluff, with the hope that something will be done about the election fraud/voting machines before the January 5th elections, and ideally before the safe harbor day for the Presidential Electors. In other words, we assumed that he was trying to turn up the heat under the seats of Georgia Republicans.

However, Lin Wood himself has responded:
Lin Wood @LLinWood
I want ALL registered voters in GA to vote.
But I want ALL votes to be cast in a lawful & honest election.
I make no apology to those offended by those simple truths

If you look at only the two US Congressional bills, discussed further below, and compare them to what the media and the Dems claim is in these bills, then you should be appalled, and will probably never trust either again. Also, Dems are hell-bent to count non-citizens toward apportionment of representatives-electors, which strips US citizens, in low immmigration states, of government representation and money. They seem to only care about non-citizens, and perpetuating their own power.

The Georgia election isn’t until January 5th, so there is time to play a bluff, which is what we believed Lin Wood was doing. On the other hand, the safe harbor date for the Presidential election is in less than a week. There is still time to bluff and get something done about the election machines – change to paper ballots.

Many already think that voting, in the Georgia run-off, is useless due to the Dominion voting machines.

So, people should be privately urging Georgians to vote Republican on January 5th. However, they need to demand paper ballots with signature matching and that all counting be done under the supervision of bipartisan witnesses. During the election hearing today, one Georgia Senator suggested that voting problems be rectified, before January 5th. One Georgia Senator said that he got a call from a citizen who said that it wasn’t worth voting on January 5th. Another said that he would be happy to go through another election to make sure that he, himself, was fairly elected to the Georgia Senate. That was after a female Senator, who argued that the election was legal and without fraud, wondered if the allegations would mean that she, herself, is illegitimately elected.

The US Congress needs to be part-time, and meet as needed. There are already plenty of laws and being full-time gives them little to do but create problems where there were none. In this context, gridlock can be good. With the current corrupt, misled, or brainless Dems in the US House, a Republican Senate leading to gridlock is needed. Unfortunately, the go-along to get-along with your party seems to make members of Congress, who should be good, act bad.

If you are a Federal worker or military and the government goes bankrupt, because of members of Congress who can’t or won’t do math, then you will be out of a job anyway. If you are looking for charity, the same applies, and you need to look to state and local governments, and the private-religious sector. Why are NGOs encouraging people to riot, rather than feeding and sheltering the hungry?

Read about Third World Debt and Structural Adjustment, as well as Greece, to see what structural adjustment looks like. It is bad. Russia and Yugoslavia also underwent structural adjustment. The economic crisis which resulted from the banks calling back their loans, apparently led to Yugoslavia’s wars.

Please look through the over 1800 pages and almost $3.5 trillion of Pelosi’s HR 6800 “Heroes Act” and decide the truth for yourself, rather than listening to the media: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6800/text. It even has a table of contents. The updated bill is even longer. The Republican bills were shorter, cheaper, and better. See if you, personally, want to pay for these items through a substantial increase in your taxes, no matter how poor you are, and even taxes on your social security pension. Also, decide if you approve of other items stuffed into this enormous bill. If the US government is forced into bankruptcy- structural adjustment there will likely be zero social security, zero welfare benefits. Don’t kid yourself that the rich will pay for any of this. If necessary, they will make a tax deal with another country, and tear up their citizenship to avoid US dual taxation. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/08/17/us-postal-service-office-bailout-is-unnecessarily-stuck-in-bloated-3-5-trillion-bill-us-federal-yearly-revenue-is-3-5-trillion-more-than-one-type-of-voting-by-mail/

Look at the supposed Medicare for All, which, as written, is Medicare for None: apart from shifting the cost of a large part of health care cost burden from employers to tax payers, which is a huge and unsustainable corporate subsidy, there is the problem of centrality of control and decisions made by an ever-changing political appointee. The only funding is from Senior Medicare. Remember that Biden’s Covid advisor, Zeke Emanuel, thinks that life after 75 is worthless, and believes in denial of care for seniors. Any funding of Medicare for All will be up to the whims of the US Congress, and we know how that goes. Designed to fail, it appears a back door way of letting corporations and government off the hook and making everyone buy health insurance from cradle to grave, as in Switzerland. Most health care systems, such as in Canada and Denmark, are decentralized. The Canadian system is provincial and the Danish one regional, and previously at the county level. Even the UK has separate systems for the component countries. Sanders-Jayapal are proposing a highly centralized nation-wide behemoth, which even covers illegal immigrants, because it fails to require a social security number. Even real Medicare doesn’t pay 100% of charges. And, Canada doesn’t provide drug coverage, either. Bernie is from Burlington, just across the border from Canada, and Jayapal lives in Seattle, so both should know that. See a link to the bill and more here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/the-all-powerful-secretary-in-bernie-sanders-medicare-for-all-bill-is-a-former-big-pharma-drug-ceo-lobbyist-political-hack/

If you want something like Medicare for All, the first step would be to form a commission led by someone who has experience living with healthcare systems in Europe, Canada, and the USA, along with teams of advisors from those countries, as well as representatives of various health care sectors in the United States, especially from small town-county hospitals owned by local governments. That this intentionally, or unintentionally, half-ass/half-baked Medicare for All bill, which undermines what is good in the US system, could even be considered, is terrifying.

Green New Deal hypocrisy: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/11/02/green-new-deal-promoter-us-congressman-ro-khannas-dirty-energy-investments-are-the-wrong-kind-of-green Leaving aside Ro Khanna’s hypocrisy, the US has invested in renewable research for many decades. State level laws sometimes undermine use of renewables, as in Florida. So, the place to start is to make state laws more friendly for renewable energy.

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Intel report about Russia and BLM ignored: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/10/08/bipartisan-us-senate-intel-report-warned-that-russian-operatives-used-blm-in-2016-information-warfare-campaign-2/

Heroes Act: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/09/29/huge-tax-cut-for-the-rich-hidden-in-the-democrat-covid-stimulus-bill-heroes-act/

CLA for Lee Bright, Republican: https://docquery.fec.gov/pdf/815/201806209113787815/201806209113787815.pdf

The CIVIC PAC is for Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican.

This blog hasn’t changed as much as it might appear. We were against Trump primarily because we believed that Trump was Russia First, rather than America First. However, it’s become clear that many don’t care if the US is foreign owned, they just enjoy hating Trump, along with his American supporters. Biden-Harris, Democratic leadership, and many Republicans are clearly America Last, by their immigration policy alone. Additionally, Kamala Harris supports S386, which puts India first for job related green cards, and doubles family joining for India. Unlike Russia, India has over one billion extra people. India has been free since 1948, so they chose to have this outrageous number of children, and now actively export their overpopulation throughout the world. It was their choice. Why should we suffer for their choice? They should take responsibility for their choice. We believe, and have believed for decades, that not only should people be put first and have priority for employment in their own country – whatever country it is – but that people should have priority for employment in their region, so as to be able to help and be helped by their families. Children need their grandparents and the elderly need their families. Everyone should be allowed right of return to their indigenous homeland(s), as well. Whether or not Putin supported Trump in 2016, it seems clear that by opposing NordStream 2, and selling US LNG in Eastern Europe, etc., that Trump hasn’t been Russia First. In this context, it appears more likely that pro-NordStream German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a Russian asset. On the other hand, Kamala Harris, through her uncle and grandfather, has dangerous unacceptable connections to the Government of India and its (nuclear) defense establishment, which must be investigated. The population of the United States has been doubled, since the Civil Rights period, mostly by immigration, devaluing the vote (and lives) of Americans and destroying the environment. Biden-Harris policy will probably double it again, within a decade. This will destroy the environment, finish destroying the social fabric, and devalues the votes of Americans. Worth examination: William Evanina, appointed Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center by Obama, has a brother that is a Russian Orthodox Priest. Did Trump have an uncle that advised a foreign country on defense? No, his uncle John Trump advised the United States. The uncle of Kamala Harris continued to advise the Government of India on defense matters while she was sitting in the US Senate, and no one says a peep. Does Trump have a brother who is a Russian Orthodox Priest? Nope. But, the head of counterintelligence, Evanina, who says the voting went well, has a brother who is a Russian Orthodox priest, and no one says a peep. And, a PA judge who ruled against the Trump Campaign is a deacon in another Russian Orthodox Church. Just imagine if this were Trump.