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There is no US President-Elect until at least December, no matter what the media claim.

Link: https://youtu.be/n7AA6N_nMZU

Officer Tatum at ca 59 min re voter ID etc in “Why Did Fox News cancel Kayleigh Mcenanyhttps://youtu.be/48QoYp-FGKo

One important thing to know, too, is that no proof is required of voters that they are US citizens.  Non-Americans obtain drivers licenses and social security numbers.  It is illegal for non-citizens to vote, but there seems to be no effort to check and no requirement to show birth certificate, etc.  Voter registration is when you get your drivers license, and they simply take your word.  

While in some states you have to have absentee ballots notarized – pandemic or not- in others you don’t even have to have a signature that matches.  If you suggest that people even need photo IDs for in-person voting, “voter rights” group sue.  People need birth certificates and photo IDs to work.  For over 40 years, they take photos on site for drivers licenses and ID cards.  Some states are very well organized with a voting place at fire stations, etc., and no lines, and others centralized with lines. Notarizing an absentee ballot is probably more of a health risk than voting in person.  

They could have done drive-through voting with photo ID in the windshield, as well as outside walk-through voting, for the pandemic. Perhaps some jurisdictions did this.