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Focus: Women made to keep low profile in some French suburbs” (6 min video)

Link: https://youtu.be/6gZFGpNdH1A

Immigration Choices Determine a Country’s Future, as illustrated in the video.

Family joining policies allow the importation of entire villages-extended families and provide no motive to integrate into the national culture of the host country. In fact, extended family pressures can impede immigrants, who want to integrate, from doing so. So, immigrants who disrespect women, who hate women, who want women segregated, will bring this culture to the host country, if allowed. You can’t watch the above video and pretend that culture doesn’t matter!

Women have to have separate subway cars in Mexico?!
Mexican Women Stay Home To Protest Femicides In ‘A Day Without Us’” March 9, 20206:40 PM ET JAMES DOUBEK “The effects of the strike were evident on the street and on mass transit in Mexico City. Women were largely absent from designated women-only pink cars on Mexico City’s subway…https://www.npr.org/2020/03/09/813699719/mexican-women-stay-home-to-protest-femicides-in-a-day-without-us?t=1604279388875

India is in denial of the fact that a majority of its women do not feel safe alone on the streets, at work, in markets, or at home, even though they have learned how to cope with this existential anxiety. When I asked young educated women in Delhi if they feel safe, most said no. And most of those who said yes had learned to modify their behaviours to feel safe – they don’t go out alone unnecessarily; come home at night before dark; get permission to go out; are always careful and alert; and they censor their speech, their clothes and their body posture, including whether or not they look men in the eyes.” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jul/02/india-most-dangerous-country-women-survey

Re the Biden Harris Immigration platform: “These proposals not only reverse reforms undertaken by the current presidential administration but also make unprecedented and sweeping changes to America’s immigration system… The result would be an eye-popping, unsustainable number of new arrivals in a short period of time.” https://www.fairus.org/sites/default/files/2020-10/biden-harris-platform.pdf
https://www.fairus.org/issue/amnesty/numbers-how-biden-harris-immigration-platform The proposals include green cards for foreign STEM PhDs. The FAIR study estimate, of over 50 million, is actually a very low estimate, because it uses a family joining average, which is based on averages, which include less populous countries. As well, it doesn’t seem to account for either births within the country or that each new immigrant brings in additional immigrants, in an exponential manner.

For the United States, “Of the top immigrant-sending countries, Mexico has the highest rate of chain migration. In the most recent five-year cohort of immigrants studied (1996-2000), each new Mexican immigrant sponsored 6.38 additional legal immigrants. Chain migration is contributing to the aging of the immigration stream… In recent years, about 21 percent of family migrants were age 50 or older — a rate that is more than 24 percent higher. This trend has implications for the fiscal consequences of immigration. “ Immigration Multipliers: Trends in Chain Migration” By Jessica M. Vaughan on September 27, 2017 https://cis.org/Report/Immigration-Multipliers