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Over a quarter of Mike Espy’s former US Congressional District, now represented by US Congressman Bennie Thompson, has income below the poverty level: https://www.census.gov/mycd/?st=28&cd=02

As US Secretary of Agriculture, under Bill Clinton, Mike Espy did indeed take gifts from “entities that clearly had business in front of the USDA”. However, he was acquitted in a trial by jury because there was no proof of “quid pro quo or direct favorable treatment that he initiated in exchange for the gifts.” See: “A review of the Mike Espy Special Counsel investigation” By Courtney Carter – September 20, 2018 https://web.archive.org/web/20180920181846/https://www.yallpolitics.com/2018/09/20/mikeespy/

Mike Espy came from a very affluent Mississippi family and is multigenerational friends with Republican Operative Haley Barbour. In the words of Mike Espy: “the Espy family and the Barbour family have known each other in Yazoo City, we’re from Yazoo City, he’s my homeboy. We have worked together for generations. So I am here representing my family and saying that we are standing with Governor Barbour.” Excerpt from “Text of Haley Barbour’s Endorsement Ceremony” By YallPolitics Staff – October 18, 2007 https://web.archive.org/web/20200919014523/https://yallpolitics.com/index.php/yp/post/text_of_haley_barbours_endorsement_ceremony/

The idea of having a Black US Senator from Mississippi, the state with the highest percentage of African Americans in the country, sounds wonderful. But, in the case of Mike Espy, it may not be so wonderful. Additionally, US Senator Hyde-Smith is the first woman to represent Mississippi. If everything must be identity politics, then this matters too. If everything is identity politics, then Hyde-Smith should win, because more than half of Mississippians are women and more than half of Mississippians are white. This US Senate race may actually be a referendum on whether Mississippi is more sexist or more racist – if anyone even figures out that Mike Espy’s Black.

Mike Espy, from a wealthy Delta family, has multi-generational connections to Republican operative Haley Barbour – also from Yazoo City Mississippi. While Hyde-Smith is a Trump Republican, she was previously a Democrat.

Not only does Espy have a track record of taking inappropriate gifts – though no quid pro quo was proven – but he sent out a tweet last June, which should make honest, law-abiding, citizens think twice about what a US Senator Espy would be like.

His tweet is insulting to the majority of Black Americans, because he’s saying that being passed out drunk and/or on drugs in a fast-food drive thru lane, with the car running, at 10 pm is “going about” [their] “everyday lives”. Furthermore, 85% of Jackson Mississippi police officers are Black, so he’s effectively put a target on them with his tweet. There are many Black police officers throughout Mississippi, but Jackson is the only statistic readily available.

Mike Espy tweet about Atlanta Police Officers: “Rayshard Brooks’ killers must be arrested. Black Americans must STOP being murdered while going about our everyday lives.” 10:59 AM – 16 Jun 2020 https://archive.vn/cSgXx

Compare Mike Espy’s response to that of Antoine Tucker (running against AOC) for NY-14 https://twitter.com/montaga/status/1272693384910565376

Mike Espy Pleads Innocent:

Mike Espy: Too Corrupt for the Clintons. Too Liberal for Mississippi”. https://youtu.be/7CXFEkrSAnk

Mike Espy wanted to have the presumption of innocence in his various corruption cases, yet wants to strip police officers of their presumption of innocence.

In Jackson Mississippi, 85% of police officers are Black, and so they, and other law enforcement, really need to think twice before supporting Espy. Anyone who wants presumption of innocence should think twice before supporting Espy. While he has longstanding multi-generational connections to Republican Haley Barbour, it appears that he may hop along with the Democratic Party extremes.

If he was just swept up in the moment, when he wrote the tweet, it doesn’t say anything good about his judgement.

We had hoped that he would bring some independent thinking to the US Senate, such as the decentralized cooperative medical model that his grandfather Huddleston brought to Mississippi, but clearly that ain’t happening. This tweet and the dollars poured into this campaign indicate that he will toe the NY-California Champagne Socialist (Stalinist) party line.

In fact, the combination of his tweet and his family ties to Haley Barbour suggest that rather than being a moderate, he may combine the worst extremes of both parties.

Espy’s recently deceased cousin in Chicago was long haunted by accusations of corruption: “Rev. Leon Finney Jr.’s Free Fall: For decades, the South Side powerhouse’s nonprofits got millions in public housing money. Now, he’s facing allegations of fraud and self-dealing”. By Carlos Ballesteros, Tom Schuba, and Jon Seidel Sep 6, 2019, 3:00pm CDT https://web.archive.org/web/20190914175646if_/https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/9/6/20849498/reverend-leon-finney-bankruptcy-woodlawn-community-development-corporation-fraud-allegations https://web.archive.org/web/20201018161308/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._J._Huddleston_Sr.

US Congressman Bennie Thompson, who represents Espy’s former Congressional district clearly demonstrated that he doesn’t care at all for his constituents, but rather, is following in step with the national Dem party, who is forgetting African Americans and throwing their hopes in with Hispanics (a fake “minority” group).

Bennie Thompson’s Homeland Oversight communications assistant isn’t even African American, but is Italian from New Jersey (Adam Comis).

A quarter of his district lives below the poverty line, and yet he criticized Trump for liberating jobs, occupied by illegal migrants, which benefits Mississippi workers.

Instead of being happy that the Trump administration liberated working class jobs for Black and White Mississippians, he chose to have a conniption fit that Trump had harmed a non-existent “Hispanic” community. The community in question was comprised almost entirely of illegal chicken plant workers. White and Black Mississippians were excited to apply for the jobs that had been liberated.

Originally the chicken plants workers were mostly white women. When they went on strike, the companies brought in black workers. When the black and white workers went on strike together, the companies started importing illegal workers. The articles written on the topic point to conflict between the illegal workers and Mississippians, with the illegal workers calling black Mississippi workers lazy, because the Mississippians are aware of their rights and take their breaks, as required under the law.

Bennie Thompson clearly doesn’t give a rats ass about Mississippians, and someone needs to run against him. His last election ad jingle was insulting to the intelligence of his constituents, too. There’s no reason to believe that Espy would be any better.


A review of the Mike Espy Special Counsel investigation” By Courtney Carter – September 20, 2018

the final special counsel report which documents the entire history of the events and all subsequent legal action“. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-ICREPORT-ESPY/html/GPO-ICREPORT-ESPY-1.html



Alphonso Michael (Mike) Espy was born in Yazoo City, Mississippi, on November 30, 1953. He and his twin, Althea Michelle, were the youngest of Henry and Willie Jean (Huddelston) Espy’s seven children. Though Yazoo City was located in an impoverished section of the Mississippi River Delta, the Espy family was affluent. Educated (along with his wife) at Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute, Henry Espy served as a county agent for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the 1930s.2 He later joined his father–in–law’s family–owned funeral home business. Mike Espy’s maternal grandfather, T. J. Huddleston, Sr., founded a chain of nursing homes and built the first black hospital in Mississippi in 1921. Huddleston, who died in the 1950s, was a local celebrity and one of the wealthiest black men in the South.3 The prosperous family business initially sheltered the Espy children from segregated public schools. Mike Espy attended a local parochial school through his first two years of high school. After the school closed, in 1969, he transferred to Yazoo City High School. Espy was the only black student, and he carried a stick to fend off racist attacks from fellow students.4 “Relative to the civil rights experiences of snarling dogs and whips and things it was pretty tame,” Espy recalled of his schooldays. “But I’d always have a fight. The teacher would leave the room, and then you’re among 35 in the classroom and they’d make racial jeers.”5 A year later, in 1970, Yazoo City High School was fully integrated, and Espy was elected president of the black student body in his senior year. (The white students had their own president.) Espy went on to earn a B.A. in political science from Howard University in Washington, DC, in 1975. He earned a J.D. from Santa Clara University Law School, near San Jose, California, in 1978, and then returned to Mississippi to practice law. He married Sheila Bell and the couple had two children, Jamilia and Michael, before divorcing.https://history.house.gov/People/Detail/12872