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Not only does Espy have a track record of inappropriately taking gifts – though no quid pro quo was proven – but he also sent out a tweet last June, which should make honest, law-abiding, citizens think twice about what a US Senator Espy would be like. His tweet is especially insulting to the majority of Black Americans because he’s saying that being passed out drunk and/or on drugs in a fast-food drive-thru with the car running at 10 pm is “going about” [their] “everyday lives”. Furthermore, 85% of Jackson Mississippi police officers are Black, and he’s effectively put a target on their backs with his tweet. There are many Black police officers throughout Mississippi, but Jackson is the only statistic readily available.

If he was just swept up in the moment, it doesn’t say anything good about his judgement.

Mike Espy tweet about Atlanta Police Officers: “Rayshard Brooks’ killers must be arrested. Black Americans must STOP being murdered while going about our everyday lives.” 10:59 AM – 16 Jun 2020 https://archive.vn/cSgXx

Compare Mike Espy’s response to that of Antoine Tucker (running against AOC) for NY-14. See video at link:

Mike Espy Pleading Innocent:

Mike Espy: Too Corrupt for the Clintons. Too Liberal for Mississippi“. https://youtu.be/7CXFEkrSAnk

Mike Espy wanted to have the presumption of innocence in his various corruption cases, yet wants to strip (Atlanta) police officers of their presumption of innocence. In nearby Jackson Mississippi, 85% of police officers are Black, and so they really need to think twice before supporting Espy, as do other law enforcement officers.

Anyone who wants presumption of innocence should think twice before supporting Espy.

While he has longstanding multi-generational connections to Republican Haley Barbour, it appears that he may hop along to the Democratic Party extremes.

We had hoped that he would bring some independent thinking to the Senate, such as the decentralized cooperative medical model that his grandfather Huddleston brought to Mississippi, but clearly that ain’t happening. This tweet and the dollars poured into this campaign indicate that he will toe the NY-California Champagne Socialist (Stalinist) party line.

In fact, the combination of his tweet and his multigenerational family ties to Republican operative Haley Barbour suggest that rather than being a moderate, he may combine the worst extremes of both parties.

Espy’s cousin in Chicago was long haunted by accusations of corruption: “Rev. Leon Finney Jr.’s Free Fall: For decades, the South Side powerhouse’s nonprofits got millions in public housing money. Now, he’s facing allegations of fraud and self-dealing”. By Carlos Ballesteros, Tom Schuba, and Jon Seidel Sep 6, 2019, 3:00pm CDT https://web.archive.org/web/20190914175646if_/https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/9/6/20849498/reverend-leon-finney-bankruptcy-woodlawn-community-development-corporation-fraud-allegations https://web.archive.org/web/20201018161308/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._J._Huddleston_Sr.

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