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Ro Khanna’s up for re-election.

Mining Awareness +

Congressman Ro Khanna, who is Bernie Sanders for President Co-Chair, is pushing for what he describes as a NATO-like alliance between the US and India. Tulsi Gabbard is also supporting this alliance. More than anything, this bill would allow India, which is a nuclear state that has never signed the non-proliferation treaty, to more easily access and steal more US military technology – endangering America’s future defense.

This does not serve the interests of the United States, apart from the military-industrial complex that Bernie and Tulsi pretend to abhor. It appears to only benefit the US military industrial complex in the near-term, until India finishes stealing the technology.

If it becomes a true NATO-like pact, it is a bad deal for the poor undercastes in India, who could end up as cannon fodder soldiers, alongside American soldiers, in India’s wars against China and Pakistan. The US isn’t the UK. India…

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