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original tweets: https://archive.vn/MhqzG

Twitter started off, in the spring of this year, linking to articles, which provided other views, on certain tweets, that it deemed questionable. Now it is apparently identifying tweets as “potentially harmful”! Paul E. Singer/Elliott exercise enough power over Twitter to have previously threatened to fire Twitter founder Dorsey.

The Trump Administration finally has proposed rules, which would restrict the use of H1B workers. Under pressure by Singer/Elliott, AT&T has started replacing its unionized workers with H1B workers from India, over the past year. AT&T is parent to CNN. https://twitter.com/USTechWorkers/status/1315713227381121024

Now we have Singer-controlled Twitter, not just giving links to alternative views or Fact Checks regarding the New York Post articles on alleged Hunter Biden e-mails, but calling them “potentially harmful”!

Kamala Harris’ uncle is the biggest scandal of all, but everyone is ignoring it. We don’t know if the Hunter Biden info is true. However…

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