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Someone needs to tell Biden that the Proud Boys have an Afro-Cuban leader, and that Mexican isn’t a race; neither is Hispanic. Team Biden was too lazy to vet Kamala and too lazy to fact check.

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Proud Boys has an Afro-Cuban (Black Hispanic) Leader, Enrique Tarrio. He says he is 40% African and 60% Spanish, but in a white supremacist system, whether Apartheid South Africa or the Jim Crow south, he wouldn’t be considered white. So, we have blue-eyed Biden, who is so white he glows in the dark, telling another white guy, Trump, to denounce a group led by a black hispanic, as white supremacists! 🙄

Afro-Cuban Proud Boys Chairman Speaks Out After Liars Biden & Wallace Call Them White Supremacists

link: https://youtu.be/XnyGwlUUTGU

Proud Boy’s bylaws state:
A person that believes in the inherent supremacy of any one race over another, or who is a member of any organization promoting the supremacy of any one race over another, may not become or remain a member of this Fraternity. This includes, but is not limited to, any person who currently identifies as white nationalist…

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