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The video addresses whether or not the Kaaba was a Shiva Temple in pre-Islamic times. While he seems to say no at the beginning, at the very end he recognizes the need for additional research. Toward the beginning (approx min 4), he gives a short explanation of Shiva worship and images that further clarify. He opts for the term “reproductive organs”, while recognizing that it’s an embarrassing topic.

“Q&A 3 11 Is the Ka’ba a Shiva Temple?

21 minute video by Dan Gibson: https://youtu.be/e0-0Vdnxlqo

Special Prayers for Kamala Harris at Hindu Temple where Shiva is worshipped: “Special prayers performed in Rameswaram temple for Kamala Harrishttps://archive.vn/Neq3V Kali is Shiva’s wife (consort). Kamala’s mother’s name Shyamala appears to refer to Kali (Bengali). It would be interesting if the origin of Khalif-Khalifate (Calife, Califate) is eventually found to be Kali.