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NBC’s Savannah Guthrie didn’t have her facts straight during the Townhall. Republicans proposed multiple narrow bills to help Americans during the pandemic and Pelosi refused. NBC-Comcast, AT&T (CNN), Amazon (WaPo) are members of TECHNET, which sued the Trump admin for restricting importation of foreign workers during the pandemic: https://archive.vn/dBT9G Why not let unemployed US tech workers have jobs, rather than being on the dole? The Dems may win simply because both they and their media allies are lying through their teeth in a way that is astounding. Remarkably, these days Fox News is the more truthful media outlet.

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If Democrats don’t recall that it is still citizens who vote them in or out and not non-citizens, they will lose in November. Some Republicans remember their fellow citizens.

Republican Senator McSally pleaded in the Senate: “It is simply a seven-day extension of the expanded unemployment benefits, while we continue to work out our differences. Who could possibly be against this?” Pelosi just told the media: “What are you going to do in a week?

U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ), “spoke on the Senate floor and called on Congress to pass a simple seven-day extension of expanded unemployment benefits while Congress finishes negotiations on the next coronavirus relief package.

“I’m asking Senators to simply extend expanded unemployment benefits for seven days while Congress comes up with a solution,” McSally said. “With the first of August approaching, Americans out of work are counting on us for…

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