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Kamala Harris Channels Indira Gandhi’s State of Emergency?

What sort of “democracy” did Kamala Harris learn about walking on the beach with her grandfather in India? Her grandfather served India under Indira Gandhi, as well as Indira’s father Nehru. For almost two years, when Kamala Harris was 11 and 12, India was in a state of emergency, declared by Indira Gandhi, subsequent to findings of electoral fraud. There were mass demonstrations-riots against Indira, and counter-demonstrations. Kamala Harris’ childhood in Montreal and India gave her an easy familiarity with governments declaring states of emergency. She arrived in Montreal a few years after their 1970 October crisis State of Emergency, which saw troops in the streets of Montreal. It was still a topic of concern, when she lived there.

Kamala Harris warns that protests-riots won’t stop, even after Election Day. What does she mean?
link: https://youtu.be/f0jlvzl1Syc

Short summary: “Why Indira Gandhi…

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