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Funny no one has mentioned this in the many months of what appears to be disproportionately white rioters, who claim to be acting on behalf of black Americans. Rather, Kamala has condoned this, imposing the India of her youth’s concept of “democracy” upon the USA. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/09/27/kamala-harris-channels-indira-gandhis-state-of-emergency/

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The bipartisan US Senate intelligence report warned that Russian operatives had amplified Black Lives Matter (BLM) in 2016. Ignoring this point suggests that most Dem leaders did not, and do not, really take the Russian interference investigation seriously. Neither does the media. The current BLM related protest-riots are clearly someone’s active measures, and yet the Dems haven’t objected, despite the pandemic.

In 2016, Russian operatives associated with the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency (IRA) used social media to conduct an information warfare campaign designed to spread disinformation and societal division in the United States.

Masquerading as Americans, these operatives used targeted advertisements, intentionally falsified news articles, self-generated content, and social media platform tools to interact with and attempt to deceive tens of millions of social media users in the United States. This campaign sought to polarize Americans on the basis of societal, ideological, and racial differences, provoked real world…

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