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Biden-Harris Campaign Implies Non-Citizens are Voting

The only people who would vote and be deported are non-citizens or those stripped of citzenship due to immigration fraud or taking up arms against the United States. Thus, this statement implies that non-citizens are voting.

Biden didn’t say this in his video speech, but the Biden-Harris campaign did (i.e. Harris-Biden) and whoever wrote this will occupy an important position in the White House if Biden-Harris wins:
Election Day is just weeks away, and millions of Americans are already voting because the stakes in this election could not be higher…

They are voting because they worry about losing their right to vote or being expelled from the only country they have ever known“. https://archive.vn/3JRJI

How would this happen?
There’s a big big difference between requesting a ballot and mailing a ballot to everyone, where many will end up in the trash and can be picked out and used. California is the state with the most non-citizens.

Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, Washington were the only universal vote-by-mail states before the pandemic. California, Nevada, Vermont and New Jersey have since signed on for the November election. In addition, Montana, North Dakota and Nebraska allow individual counties to decide whether to mail ballots to all registered voters.” https://web.archive.org/web/20200816010949/https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/08/15/donald-trump-slams-universal-mail-voting-few-states-planning/3333957001/ citizenship link: https://www.kff.org/other/state-indicator/distribution-by-citizenship-status/?currentTimeframe=0&sortModel=%7B%22colId%22:%22Non-Citizen%22,%22sort%22:%22desc%22%7D

The biggest election scams are counting non-citizens toward apportionment, which favors states with more illegals and temp workers, and having doubled the US population over the course of a little over half a century, through insane immigration policy. Counting non-citizens favors citizens in that district and state over other Americans in low immigration states. It also impacts electoral college votes and is de facto Presidential election fraud. Doubling the citizen population means the votes of American citizens are devalued by half, where all are citizens. Any true democrat would apportion based on voting age citizens; stop giving citizenship by birth to the children of foreign nationals, allowing non-citizens to argue they are parents of citizens and gain family joining green card favoritism; drastically reduce immigration, preferably to zero growth (based on one person leaves one arrives).

Pelosi’s power, and most Dem power, comes from importing non-citizens and creating new citizens, because apportionment uses all people in the US, regardless of citizenship status, which, as explained below, has resulted in a disproportionate shift of House seats to California and of tax resources to sanctuary cities. This is why she and other Dems fight like h*ll for all varieties of immigration and against ICE and don’t give a rat’s ass over Americans who are already here.
Under current policy all persons — not just citizens — are included in the population count when apportioning seats to states in the U.S. House of Representatives and for votes in the Electoral College, which is based on House seats. Although we focus on the next census in 2020, the impact of immigration has been building for decades as the number of people settling in the country has increased dramatically. This report examines the cumulative impact of immigration, both legal and illegal, on the apportionment of House seats; this is not an analysis of the impact of immigration only since the previous census. Apportionment is a zero-sum system; by adding more population to some states rather than others, immigration will continue to significantly redistribute political power in Washington.” https://cis.org/Report/Impact-Legal-and-Illegal-Immigration-Apportionment-Seats-US-House-Representatives-2020