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Please understand that National Security is something above and beyond issues of policy, record, and personality.

We don’t want or need to be owned by India or China or Russia or any other country.

We don’t want India to be privy to secrets that even the American people don’t know.

Kamala Harris’ US Senate swearing in with her Uncle Gopalan Balachandran to her left. Why did she tell Biden that her uncle was a journalist but not his other jobs? Isn’t it clear? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/why-did-kamala-harris-lie-and-tell-biden-that-her-uncle-was-a-journalist-mathematics-when-he-advises-the-government-of-india-on-defense-especially-nuclear-matters/

Still time to #StopKamala Harris on national security grounds. She isn’t officially the VP pick until the Convention next week. Perhaps Democratic delegates have the say still, as in the past.

McGovern dropped VP pick Eagleton 18 or 19 days after the convention in 1972, and took three weeks to find a new one (Shriver). Biden has multiple candidates who can step in immediately. Unless Kamala’s uncle is a US spy within India, which looks unlikely because he seems to be “India first”, her relationship with her uncle appears a national security threat.

Covid-19 could throw even non-swing states into swing. If people who want to stay healthy stay home and those who don’t care vote, the results could be atypical.

People need to tweet Biden and/or contact the FBI, and/or any state level Democrat Party officials, Members of the US Congress, etc. Anyone that you can think of that might help. Tweet, Facebook, Call- In Short, Make a Stir Before it’s too late.

Kamala Harris’ maternal uncle Gopalan Balachandran (G. Balachandran) who was, up until last year, a “consulting fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, Delhi”, is apparently still helping out there, as seen here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/us-senator-kamala-harris-uncle-still-advising-india-ministry-of-defence-think-tank-unofficially-while-she-sits-on-homeland-security-intel-committees/

He is an expert primarily on nuclear and on the Americas. His official tenure at IDSA overlapped with Kamala’s positions on US Senate Committees on Homeland Security; Select Committee on Intelligence for at least two years.

IDSA provides training for government of India civilian and military personnel. It is funded by India’s Ministry of Defence.


At Kamala Harris’ swearing in with her uncle Gopalan Balachandran to the left (her right). Why did she tell Biden that her uncle was a journalist but not his other jobs advising the Government of India?

Kamala can and will hopefully bow out pending investigation, if pressure is brought to bear.

Some ideas of who to tweet and/or call to object are found below. US Congressmen Clyburn and Richmond are connected to the campaign, as advisors. Clyburn seemed to favor Val Demings. Governor Whitmer is connected to the campaign, as advisor, too.

US House Homeland oversight committee chairman is Congressman Bennie Thompson (of Mississippi). His media assistant in DC is a northeastern (NJ?) Italian-American and may be a Pelosi operative, however. Pelosi would want to have Kamala who is from her Cali-Fiefdom. If not, Pelosi favored Karen Bass, also of California.

According to media reports, John and Ultima Morgan are Biden supporters/bundler fund-raisers who favor Val Demings, who we also believe to be the better choice. Contact info for the Morgans is found here: https://www.forthepeople.com/attorneys/featured/1

Also: https://facebook.com/STOPkamalaharris

Kamala has at least one Bronfman behind her, it seems, and that is Hanna Bronfman, who recently did a fundraiser with her for Biden. Kamala spent ages 12 to 18 in Westmount, Quebec, home to the Bronfmans, when her mother did research at Montreal Jewish Hospital and taught at McGill. Not only are Asian-Indian Americans, like Kamala, the richest Americans (median income), unlike African Americans who are among the poorest (median income), but she seems to have at least this super wealthy Bronfman connection. Westmount is one of the two richest areas of Canada and was, at the time Kamala lived there, a wealthy English speaking suburb of mostly poor working class French speaking Montreal.

Money talks, but it can’t sing and dance. During the barefoot blue jeans Presidency of Jimmy Carter this song was popular: “Forever in Blue Jeanshttps://youtu.be/QQLWF_ItzYs Biden doesn’t need this Kamala wobbling like a drunkard on spike heels VP, but rather American feet on the ground simplicity and common sense.  America needs to return to honest American simplicity. No more foreign agents, de facto foreign agents, nor apparent foreign agents in the US government!