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The City of Portland, Oregon, is being sued over use of tear gas against protester-rioters. See: “The city of Portland filed video evidence in court in response to a Don’t Shoot Portland’s lawsuit” (July 8, 2020):

Link: https://youtu.be/-kt5ALeWv4U
Note in the video that protective boards were removed from the Federal Courthouse. Plus a black man yells that the rioters set a big fire in front of a black owned business, and asks them to put it out (they don’t). The police dispersal guy sounds like he is kidding. The Feds have put a fence around Courthouse, but even it has been repeatedly damaged and/or removed by rioters.

Portland Protesters Set Building on Firehttps://youtu.be/B8z0jFxOmFo
Portland police declared a riot on Saturday night as “protesters” broke into a Portland police association building and set it afire.

By molly coddling rioters and refusing to protect Federal property the Mayors of Seattle and Portland, and Governors of Oregon and Washington are acting as de facto Trump supporters and enablers. The Mayors and Governors are also failing to provide a safe space for peaceful protest, though protests should be forbidden due to Covid-19. The original German Antifa enabled the rise of Hitler and was funded by Stalin. Both Antifa and the Brown Shirts wanted to destroy the German State. Antifa refused to work with moderates against Hitler.

Portland is around 1700 miles from Minneapolis.

“Anarchists”/rioters have been spoiling peaceful protest for thirty years and depriving normal people of their rights. At that time, pre-internet, the public space of streets-public squares was essential. This is no longer the case. With Covid-19, they should be petitioning and protesting online.

Currently, Federal law enforcement are protecting Federal property but they can legally do more, as they did repeatedly in the south over the course of 100 years from the Civil War and Reconstruction to integration of schools and universities. They also intervene in cases of public corruption, etc. When local and state government and law enforcement fail, the Federal government intervenes with or without invitation. That’s a given.

1807 Insurrection Act:
§252. Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority
Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.

Portland’s wussy upper class, Ivy League, former banker Mayor Wheeler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Wheeler

Federal Judge Marco Hernandez is also a de facto riot supporter, destroyer of free speech and a Trump enabler. If there are riots and local police are not allowed to disperse the crowds, that paves the way for federal involvement.

Judge Restrains Portland, Oregon, Police From Using Tear Gas
June 11, 2020 KARINA BROWN Thirteen consecutive days of protests have led to the resignation of the police chief on Monday and a restraining injunction on Wednesday

Portland Riots Read-Out: July 21
Release Date: July 21, 2020
Bottom line: As they have for the past 50+ days, on the evening of Monday, July 20th violent anarchists targeted the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and federal law enforcement officers in Portland.

Attacks on federal personnel and property over the previous several days have included violent attacks on federal officers with weapons as well as efforts to start fires at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse with federal law enforcement officers inside the building. The rioting continued through Monday, when seven individuals were arrested on suspicion of federal crimes including assaulting federal officers.

Monday, July 20 – Tuesday, July 21:
Approximately 75-100 peaceful individuals protested near the Hatfield Federal Courthouse Monday evening. Those individuals departed the area around 11 p.m. without incident.

Shortly thereafter, over 1,000 people surrounded the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and began removing plywood coverings on the windows meant to protect the building and the federal officers inside, and then attempted to throw objects – some of them incendiary – through the windows at the officers.

Rioters in the crowd were kicking the doors of the federal courthouse, vandalizing the building with spray paint and blocking adjacent intersections.

Federal officers responded to this assault by deploying pepper balls and tear gas. Rioters continued their assault, throwing canned food rocks, and other projectiles at the officers.

At approximately 12:20 local time, more rioters attempted to break into the courthouse, tearing down plywood and breaking a window in the process.

FPS and DHS officers put out several fires that had been lit in the vicinity, including one at the building.

When officers responded to put out these fires, glass bottles were thrown and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were shined in their eyes. Pepper balls were again deployed in response to the assault.

One individual was also seen taking pictures of a water intake system to the Edith Green Federal Building, which is also under FPS protection. Earlier in the evening, a Twitter user tweeted “So we can shut off the water to the buildings the feds are staying in to make it a nightmare for them.”

Seven arrests were made total, two were for assaults on federal officers and five for noncompliance with lawful directions. One of the federal officers assaulted is a member of the Federal Protective Service, the other is a member of the U.S Marshals Service. Another federal officer was injured when he was struck by a glass bottle thrown by rioters.

Previous days:
July 19-20. Violence/Vandalism and Attempted Arson on Federal Property in Portland:

Again, violent anarchists tore down the perimeter fencing around the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

The crowd grew to an estimated 1,000.

Red, green and purple lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were aimed by rioters at federal officers through the courthouse doors while one group used a strobe light on the building. Violent anarchists attacked the building and the officers inside by throwing heavy objects and launching fireworks at the building. A commercial-grade mortar firework was fired in the vicinity of the Hatfield Courthouse front doors.

These incendiary fireworks were launched at the courthouse at the same time that rioters had barricaded the front entrance of the Courthouse with sections of the torn down fence, potentially trapping federal officers inside.

In order to protect themselves and their fellow officers, law enforcement used pepper balls to disperse the violent crowd.

An individual was taken into custody on suspicion of arson and trespassing for lighting a fire in the plaza of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. DHS Officers extinguished the fire and the individual is pending charges..

Violent anarchists targeted surveillance cameras around the Hatfield Courthouse, rendering them inoperable.

The U.S. Marshals Service reported communications jamming last night, which may have caused significant problems with their radio communications. This was the first reported instance of jamming since the riots have started.

July 18-19. Violence/Defacing of Government Property in Portland:
ACBP Officer was injured when he was struck with a projectile from a suspected “wrist rocket” causing a laceration requiring sutures to his leg.

Violent anarchists tore down newly erected fence protecting the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. The city fencing was also removed from the city parks that have been used as a staging area for the violent crowds.

A bomb squad had to be called in after Federal Protective Service reported a suspicious device located in front of the Hatfield Courthouse, described as a small device tied to the fence line by a white rope. Agents determined the device was an armed, commercially available smoke signaling device. It was rendered safe and removed.

A second device found to have damaged the plywood attached to the Hatfield Courthouse door. This device was analyzed and determined to be a commercially available pyrotechnic, which could have caused a fire inside of the federal building.

Topics: Homeland Security Enterprise, Law Enforcement Partnerships
Keywords: Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Targeted Violence

Is Judge Marco Hernandez friends with Trump’s sister, Maryanne Barry, a federal judge until recently? Tying hands of police allows, and even forces, Trump to intervene.

Nut job judge – initially selected by Republicon Bush with Dem-wit help – considers throwing fireworks and bottles nonviolent?
DON’T SHOOT PORTLAND, a nonprofit No. 3:20-cv-00917-HZ corporation, in its individual capacity; NICHOLAS J. ROBERTS, in an individual ORDER capacity and on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated; and MICHELLE “MISHA” BELDEN, in an individual capacity and on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated,
Plaintiffs, v.
HERNÁNDEZ, District Judge
On May 29, 2020, citizens of Portland, Oregon, joined nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd and other acts of violence perpetrated by police officers against the African American community. While many demonstrations have remained peaceful, violence and destruction have occurred. Plaintiffs in this case challenge the Portland Police Bureau (“PPB”)’s use of tear gas against protestors participating in these demonstrations.

The Court has reviewed the declarations and video evidence submitted by the parties. Defendant highlights the destruction that occurred on the first night of demonstrations, including a fire instigated by protestors inside the Justice Center.1 Reese Decl. ¶ 6. Defendant also offers evidence of largely peaceful marches—without any police intervention—and of officers using tear gas in response to individuals shaking fences and throwing projectiles. See Sheffield Decl.

Plaintiffs do not dispute that, in some instances, officers deployed tear gas after individuals, within a larger crowd of peaceful protestors, threw water bottles and fireworks. Wilbanks Decl…” See: https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Dont-Shoot-1.pdf

Portland Riots Read-out: July 22

Release Date: July 22, 2020
Bottom Line:

As they have for the past 53 days, violent anarchists continue to riot on the streets of Portland as federal law enforcement officers work diligently and honorably to enforce federal law by defending federal property and the lives of their fellow officers.

Attacks on federal personnel and property overnight have included attacks on Law Enforcement officers with commercial grade fireworks, hard projectiles, and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness. Last night violence was even more aggressive than previous nights as rioters once again tried to set fire to the federal courthouse and actively tried to breach the entrance of the courthouse. Rioters are also employing tactics that force federal officers to leave the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, setting them up to be attacked with lasers and projectiles.

The past 24 hours:

Around 7 p.m. local time a rioter attacked the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.
There were well over 1,000 protestors gathered at the courthouse by 9:30; no DHS action was taken at that time as the crowd remained peaceful.
Despite a no-fly zone around the courthouse, a drone was spotted in use.

Around 10:20 p.m. local time, however, violent anarchists began their nightly assault of the courthouse. Rioters began to barricade the front of the courthouse and assaulted officers inside of the courthouse with lasers – which can cause permanent blindness.

After repeated attacks from rioters, the plywood covering doors at the front of the courthouse began to buckle. A group of rioters also vandalized the south entrance to the courthouse with spray paint.

In response to the rioters’ assault, federal officers were forced to leave the building in order to repel the mob. When they did so, they were immediately assaulted with lasers and a variety of other objects designed to inflict harm.

Crowd control measures were deployed to try and redirect the large amount of people in the courthouse vicinity. Rioters responded by using cars to block movement on the street.

Rioters then began using wooden boards to block the main courthouse entrance with officers inside. They also hurled projectiles at the front of the courthouse and charged the doors. There were also reports of individuals with baseball bats and a shopping cart full of bricks in front of the courthouse. DHS officers tried to direct the crowd away from the courthouse and were once again attacked by lasers.

Around midnight rioters attempted to set the courthouse on fire, as they have done numerous times before. They also threw smoke bombs into the flames causing the interior of the courthouse to fill with smoke. In response, a team of federal officers was forced to leave the building, taking one individual into custody. When they did, a rioter threw a bag filled with hard objects at officers.

Around 12:40 a.m. local time violent extremists attempted to set trash bags on fire in the vicinity of the courthouse. They then then began using old fencing and road blocks as a barrier at the front door and fired commercial grade fireworks at federal forces. Two Molotov cocktails were also thrown near the courthouse.

At 1:39 a.m. local time, rioters ripped plywood off the front of the Courthouse and were able to expose the glass underneath. One rioter immediately started to break the glass under the cover of yet another laser attack from the mob.

Later, rioters were able to tear down an entire panel of plywood protecting the building and proceeded to use part of the city’s abandoned fence from the park to attempt to block federal officers from exiting the building. When officers left the building in response, rioters responded by firing commercial grade fireworks at the officers.

Rioters also destroyed a camera outside of the Edith Green Federal building, rendering it inoperable.

One FPS officer suffered chemical burns from the fireworks that were being used during one of the many attacks

There were 5 arrests conducted by DHS.

BACKGROUNDER: Day 50 of Continued Violence in Portland
Release Date: July 19, 2020
Evening of July 18, 2020/Early morning of July 19, 2020

Last evening, Portland saw additional violence with violent anarchists assaulting federal officers and damaging federal property. This siege, sustained by DHS law enforcement agents continuously for 50 days, consists of multiple federal crimes. Last night alone, violent anarchists engaged in the following criminal activity:

Violent anarchists barricaded federal officers inside the Hatfield Federal Courthouse using materials harvested by dismantling nearby security fencing. Violent anarchists then launched commercial grade fireworks at the building, attempting to injure or kill federal officers.

Violent anarchists attempted to blind federal officers by targeting their eyes with laser weapons.

Violent anarchists launched projectiles at federal officers including commercial grade fireworks and bags of paint.

Violent anarchists used dismantled security fencing to repeatedly bang against federal property attempting to breach it.

Violent anarchists again set fire to the base of what used to host the City of Portland’s Elk statue, continuing multiple nights of fire at this site.

Violent anarchists published personal lodging and rental details of DHS employees on social media, detailing exact locations including entrance and exit points of lodging, harassing rental and lodging staff, and asking individuals to acquire tools for attacks.

Violent anarchists expanded riots beyond federal property to residential areas, also setting fire to the Portland Police Association.

Topics: Homeland Security Enterprise, Law Enforcement Partnerships
Keywords: Homeland Security, Law Enforcement