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In this video Dr. Martin Luther King is heard explaining why he wanted his papers at Boston University-sent them there.
How Martin Luther King Jr.’s Papers Came to Boston University

Link (less than 4 minute video): https://youtu.be/4yfzvVNajTM


It’s good that Martin Luther King sent some of his papers to BU, where he wanted them, before he died. His PhD was from BU. At the time, BU was famous for its school of theology – Boston Personalism, and to a lesser degree the Social Gospel.

While BU is no longer a university that normal Americans can afford to attend, Stanford – home to much of his work – isn’t either. And, at least, Boston is fairly accessible from the southeast, where Martin Luther King was born, lived and worked. So, people from the region can visit and do research. It remains mind-boggling that many of his papers ended up at Stanford, which may as well be on the moon compared to Atlanta – Stanford with its connections to the military industrial complex and thus an apparent center of spies of all sorts.

This doesn’t give the cost of BU in the 1950s, but gives some sense of the increase in cost through the years. Boston College’s cost increase is probably similar. US Senator Markey graduated from there in the late 1960s. https://www.demos.org/sites/default/files/publications/DEMOS_DFC_Yearbook_FA_Optimized_0.pdf

One thing that we do know: When Martin Luther King went to BU, middle class theology students, like himself, could afford to attend with a scholarship and poor theology students could afford to attend with a combo of scholarship; working multiple jobs, and a working spouse. Sadly this is no longer the case. Now BU is for the wealthy and for those, like Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez, who clearly can’t do financial math. She actually had a large scholarship that could have paid for her entire education elsewhere, but opted for a huge debt and her diploma from BU. Then she wonders why she has debt. Duh. Her $20 lipstick, that many men seem to love, is another reason not to trust her with money. (Her entire objective of going to Congress was probably to pay off her debt. And, to become a CNN commentator after she is hopefully removed from Congress.) Probably foreign governments, along with rich foreigners, spring for the tuition at BU , as they do at Stanford. As BU was affiliated with the Methodist Epicopal church (later UMC), we suspect that a decline in donations from the church is the reason for the high tuition. It’s a crying shame, but BU cannot be entirely blamed. These private colleges were already out of reach for the average kid decades ago, and it’s only worse.