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For Donald Trump’s niece to call his mother “Anglo-Saxon” is simply jaw-dropping. It is akin to calling the Irish English. It is shocking that the niece has taken so little time to examine her own heritage. And, it would be easy to do, as she still has family in Scotland.

Trump’s mother may be genetically part Viking, but she is a Gaelic speaking one. The Anglo-Saxons nearly wiped out the Gaelic and Pictish speakers:
The Anglo-Saxons were worse than the Vikings
Linguistically, the Anglo-Saxons practically eradicated the native Britons. The question is: was it ethnic cleansing?
” by Mads Ravn, Vejle Museums, Denmark. PUBLISHED saturday 15. december 2018 – 06:2
(There is apparently some debate as to whether Pictish is a Gaelic language or an earlier indigenous language.)

In her book Mary Trump talks about Donald Trump’s effective loss of his mother due to illness when he was 2 1/2, but doesn’t examine the linguistic repercussions. His mother’s maternal language was Scots Gaelic. Did the older sister, Maryanne, speak Gaelic to him or English? We assume that his mother babied him in Gaelic, as her mother before, and have read as much. The book does explain that Trump’s father grew up speaking German, and didn’t perfectly master English.

Trump’s mother grew up speaking Scots Gaelic and spoke it on her yearly trips home.

Mary Trump tells us that Donald’s German grandmother prepared meals but accuses her of being “terse”. Once again we aren’t told if there was a language as well as cultural issue. We aren’t just speaking of words when we speak of language, but sound. The baby language should be the language of the heart. We believe that Trump should return home for some time to his maternal island (and learn Gaelic) and he might learn to be a person. Hearing the sounds of Gaelic might help heal him.

Mary Trump also fails to truly address the impact of Calvinism (Presbyterianism; Reform). The Trumps were from a Calvinist part of Germany and Trump’s mother was Scots Calvinist.

AND WHY DIDN’T MARY TRUMP ADDRESS THIS IMPORTANT TOPIC? It seems possible that Donald’s mother was actually the child of her oldest sister, as was a later child (Annie). A lot appears excluded from the book.
Donald Trump’s dark secret: How baby scandal on a Scottish island haunts presidential hopeful’s family” By DOUGLAS WALKER: EXCLUSIVE 1st March 2016, 7:53 am Updated: 6th April 2016, 3:43 pm https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/275029/donald-trumps-dark-secret-how-baby-scandal-on-a-scottish-island-haunts-presidential-hopefuls-family/

Donald Trump and Gaelic | Cainteoir dúchais Gálic máthair Donald”

Link: https://youtu.be/lYafOtLXQ7Q
This video alternates Scots hymns and even an interview with a Scottish preacher with the topic of Trump’s mother:
BBC visits Donald Trump’s Mother’s home on Isle Of Lewis, Scotland

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Donald Trump: In search of his Scottish roots – BBC Newsnight

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Donald Trump’s Mother: the story of Mary Anne MacLeod Trump as BBC documentary uncovers the US President’s Scottish roots “The Scotsman https://www.scotsman.com/arts-and-culture/film-and-tv/donald-trumps-mother-story-mary-anne-macleod-trump-bbc-documentary-uncovers-us-presidents-scottish-roots-1407481

Trump biographer David K. Johnston’s article on Mary Trump’s book: https://www.dcreport.org/2020/07/08/a-nieces-book-reveals-the-donald-trump-that-only-his-family-has-ever-seen/