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Atlanta is a majority black city with a majority black police department. It is unfathomable that a white racist would survive in the Atlanta PD for 7 years. Officer Rolfe, who shot Rayshard Brooks, worked for the Atlanta PD for 7 years.

Interim Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant (who is black) told WSBTV news that the DA should have allowed for due process and waited until the Georgia Bureau of Investigation finished its investigation, before deciding if Officers Rolfe and Brosnan should have been charged in the Rayshard Brooks case. Chief Bryant has worked for over three decades at the Atlanta PD. [1]

In a news conference, on June 18th, he responded to an inaudible question that he doesn’t “think that race played any role“. Based upon the title of the AP video, context, and the rest of what he said, he meant that race played no role in the Rayshard Brooks shooting. Chief Bryant talks about how the Atlanta police had to work 12 1/2 hour shifts, get spit on and pelted with objects during weeks of demonstrations. Thus, he indirectly suggests that fatigue could have played a role in the shooting.

This should be a big -duh – for everyone, but it’s apparently not. It should be obvious that a racist white officer wouldn’t survive seven years on a majority black police force, in a majority black city, with a black supervisor, mayor, etc. Racist white men tend to hate white women, as much as they hate black people, and the former police chief was a white woman (and a lesbian). Just look at former klansman-white supremacist David Duke. He didn’t live in majority black New Orleans, but in the suburb known as “all white Metairie”. Now he lives in even whiter Mandeville, Louisiana.

The Rayshard Brooks case isn’t the Ahmaud Arbery case and Atlanta isn’t Glenn County. Glenn County Georgia is over 69% white, whereas Altanta is majority black. With the internet, demographics are at one’s fingertips.

[1] https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/atlanta-interim-police-chief-says-da-was-too-quick-bring-charges-rayshard-brooks-shooting/
[2] “Police chief: Race played no role in Rayshard Brooks shooting“: https://youtu.be/4UztlytVlm0