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Natalie Hanna White’s lawyer, Drew Findling, was featured in the New York Times article: “Atlanta’s #BillionDollarLawyer Is Looking Out for Your Favorite Rappers“, By Joe Coscarelli, Feb 8, 2018, NYT. The article explains that “given that those artists’ lyrical subject matter and biographical credibility stem from their proximity to, or past participation in, grim netherworlds of drugs and guns… Mr. Findling’s services are … a key ingredient in their success.” In the hip-hop world he is known as “witch doctor,” “magician,” “god in the streets”, according to the article. See: http://archive.vn/uNssh

Drew Findling claimed, in her hearing, that Natalie’s family was struggling financially and that her mother works at a pizza restaurant. He says that he is representing her as a favor. Nonetheless, the address that we understood him to give for her, which is on Mainstream Circle Peachtree Corner, Georgia, is for a nice, two story, brick house worth almost $400,000. Findling’s sob story got her bond reduced from $20,000 to $10,000. However, the judge put her under house arrest with an ankle bracelet, declaring her a danger to the community, and she is not allowed to go on social media.

Findling claims that he has known Natalie since she was a child. And, indeed, he has previously lived in the town that she lives in, according to information found online. It is plausible that they lived in the same neighborhood, since it appears to be a fairly affluent area.

They both appear to have tender hearts for people affiliated with what the NYT calls the “grim netherworlds of drugs and guns“. Findling, who is Jewish, represents rappers and Natalie Hanna White dated Rayshard Brooks, who appears to be a gang member: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/06/18/rayshard-brooks-violent-criminal-and-apparent-gang-member-atlanta-mayors-nephew-killed-by-gang-members/

Her hearing starts at around 26 minutes on the video: “Atlanta Wendy’s arson suspect Natalie White gets $10K bond, house arresthttps://youtu.be/KfsoSWkyRyM

Link to “Arson suspect Natalie White to make first court appearance” showing protestors outside of jail demanding her release: https://youtu.be/BLmFqKFLRaE

While her lawyer alleged that she didn’t commit the arson, she can be seen on this video:
Atlanta Police searching for woman who they believe set Wendy’s on fire,…“: https://youtu.be/ktlA0AP46Ps

Whether or not the Atlanta PD still has enough officers, they have enough cars to form a barricade, and they did, to help clear people out of the former Wendy’s: “APD clears barricades in area near Wendy’s that was burned downhttps://youtu.be/Tc4cI5aOgiA