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And, no, she wasn’t apprehended at his funeral. A Natalie White was mentioned by Rayshard as his girlfriend on the night that he was killed. He claimed that she dropped him at Wendy’s and seemed to be saying that she left him behind the wheel of his car. Although he was clearly a con-artist, one has to wonder if this is true, rather than simply BS, and if it was some sort of set-up. She was driving a black Volvo; his car was a white rental car. There should be video footage of his arrival at Wendy’s, assuming that the footage survived the fire. His apparent gang affiliation may be important to this story.

Her lawyer confirmed to the New York Post that the Natalie White apprehended for arson is the same Natalie White mentioned by Rayshard Brooks. While the article claims that Tamika Miller is his wife, we’ve seen no evidence showing that it is true. Since most American women still take their husband’s last name, we continue to suspect that he is not married to Tamika Miller, the woman claiming to be his wife.

It seems strange that rather than crying over Rayshard, after he was shot, that Natalie White apparently torched Wendy’s.



Remember in the long version of the video, Rayshard couldn’t decide his location and he couldn’t seem to decide if he was meeting his girlfriend, the mother of his baby, his sister or what. He discussed staying in a hotel located on the other side of the airport from the Wendy’s, but thought it was nearby: https://youtu.be/E2JwKAQVVVw The hotel isn’t far from the Clayton County prison, where he spent a year or two.