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As explained in the short clip, below, Rayshard says that he was drinking with “Natalie White”. A Natalie White is now wanted related to the Wendy’s arson.

A Natalie White is apparently the girlfriend discussed in the police cam video – not to be confused with his alleged wife, Tamika Miller, who is probably a girlfriend, as well, since American women tend to take their husband’s names. What about his past “cruelty to children”, family violence-battery, etc? Is this another family? Where are they? Whose grave was he squatting over while making gang symbols?

Was he at the hotel with Natalie White or his “wife”? Whose rental car was he in?

Is Tamika Miller the same Tamika Miller who was previously charged with burglary? http://archive.vn/AZNfb

The video, below, is the first investigative journalism that we have seen re the Rayshard Brooks case.

There are many “Natalie Whites”, though if it’s a coincidence, it’s still a big one. This Natalie White is around his age.
Name of Wendy’s arson suspect also spoken by Rayshard Brooks to police

Link (52 second clip): https://youtu.be/CYxRYEC1G3w