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Police response time now in part of Seattle is 18 minutes instead of 5 minutes. Will those blocking the police station be held responsible for any injuries and loss of life? Especially for those who do not carry weapons, 18 minutes can be too late. Note that Police Chief Carmen Best, who is Seattle’s first black female police chief, did not want to abandon the precinct in the first place. The white Mayor apparently ordered her to. Now it will probably be ugly when they try to get their police station back from what appears to be mostly white protestors.
Seattle police plan to take back East Precinct, Autonomous Zone

Link: https://youtu.be/APm6iZk10NI
Note that there is a short discussion of public schools between the two parts of the news regarding the automous zone.

Not all protest is legal. There are rules, which may vary from city to city. Martin Luther King said that if you break a law, which you consider unjust, then you must be willing to accept the consequences. These protestors are not willing to accept the consequences of illegal actions. Rather they whine and, in some instances, file lawsuits.

Blocking a police station for days isn’t a “peaceful” protest. This is blocking critical infrastructure, endangering lives, and effectively urban warfare. If you consider the apparent attempt to seize the bridge over the Mississippi River at New Orleans, by an almost entirely white crowd in a majority black city, and refusal to disperse from the major highway leading to the bridge, when asked multiple times, then the nature of these protests comes into focus. These appear to be Soviet style active measures test cases. As weaknesses are found, we can expect an upping of the ante, as the election approaches. This appears part of active measures, to keep Trump in office, by whoever is behind Trump. If you are an ex-pat and think all of this is great, then you should return to the USA, and see what sort of fun may come along between now and November. For those who see the writing on the wall, you would be wise to ex-pat out for the next months.

Furthermore, in Seattle, New Orleans (and some other places), these extreme “protests” constitute harassment of African American police chiefs, who were recently hired to improve their departments. And, recall that “peaceful” doesn’t mean they are “legal”. Free speech doesn’t mean anything goes. There are rules. For instance, to march you are supposed to apply for a parade permit, and not just randomly block streets, etc.

It’s difficult to believe that a mostly white crowd, who booed black lady members of the “African American Community Advisory Council to the Seattle Police Department“, and did not allow them to speak, care about black lives or free speech. http://www.seattle.gov/police/community-policing/demographic-advisory-councils/african-american-community-advisory-council-

It’s impossible to believe that the white Texan, who burned five Seattle police cars, did so because she cared about black lives. It’s difficult to believe that the majority of white protestors, who apparently don’t even have black friends to come protest with them, care about black lives. And, just because someone is black doesn’t mean they are multi-generational African American (ADOS) like George Floyd was.

Remember that police departments vary from place to place and even over time. The police chief and/or Mayor often appear to set the overall tone of the department. New Orleans, for instance, had a notoriously corrupt police department, which was put under Federal oversight for the last five years, and has reportedly made great progress. But, they were still forced to use tear gas against a belligerent crowd, who attempted to storm the Mississippi River Crescent City connection bridge (which would put them in another jurisdiction, as well), while pretending to be “peaceful”.

BREAKING: Seattle police chief releases statement on 13th precinct

Link: https://youtu.be/M7elmhSC5-E

Chief Best addresses officers“:

Link: https://youtu.be/iH0BwJdw28I


Some say ‘Black Lives Matter’ message hijacked by emergence of ‘CHAZ’” by Cole Miller, KOMO News Reporter|Friday, June 12th 2020 http://archive.vn/Mc1F7

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