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The name of this video is “Americans flock to public places for Memorial Day”, which falsely implies that ALL Americans do. You would think that this is the Ganges. How many Typhoid Marys? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/05/26/typhoid-mary-asymptomatic-super-spreader
Wait for another Covid-19 spike in 5.9 days…

Link to 10 minute video: https://youtu.be/8GwOQmZVSGo

These reckless uncaring, thoughtless, and mindless beings are apparently attempting to spread Covid-19 far and wide. Covid-19 seems to have a high percentage of silent carriers. How many will die due to this mindless party-behavior? And, it isn’t just Covid-19. By dragging out this pandemic due to refusal to social distance, people will die because they can’t get needed medical checkups.

This party-beach going behavior for Memorial Day seems to be more a case of mindless, affluent Americans with a cultural and regional component – or an innovation of recent decades. There are more thoughtless and mindless Americans than affluent ones.

Unfortunately, the uncaring, thoughtless, and mindless generally reproduce at a higher rate because they don’t worry if they can care for offspring and probably simply don’t think at all, i.e. mindless, thoughtless.

How many who believe that they have to go someplace all of the time are illiterate?

If illiterate, then why not still do something constructive like yard work for yourself or an elderly person?

If you have to go, go, go, you aren’t really free. Freedom should be internal, so that even in solitary confinement you remain free. The younger you learn that the better.

If you have to go, go, go, what are you running from?