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This is one of many reasons that she doesn’t need to be Biden’s VP pick. As though there’s not enough trouble in the world now, we have to deal with the Kamala as potential VP problem.

Mining Awareness +

Kamala Harris was California AG from January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2017. She failed to prosecute Mnuchin’s OneWest despite recommendation that she do so by her own office: “OneWest obtained the servicing and/or beneficial rights to tens of thousands of troubled loans throughout California…  OneWest has foreclosed on approximately 35,000 California homes and initiated foreclosures on approximately 45,000 more… OneWest recorded documents that were not properly notarizied, initiated non-judicial foreclosures without proper authority…  The investigation was hampered by our inability to subpoena OneWest, by OneWest’s obstruction… We were therefore limited to publicly recorded land records, a few hundred incomplete OneWest files obtained from LPS before OneWest objected and documents we were able to obtain from foreclosure trustees used by OneWest…. Despite the limitations on the investigation, we uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconductWe therefore recommend that the Attorney General authorize the filing of a…

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