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For spying most people generally think of agencies like MI6, the CIA, or the KGB. However, India has its own foreign intelligence agency. RAW was formed the very year that the United States started letting so many more people immigrate from India, and gave them minority status-affirmative action. If India has spies in Germany, why wouldn’t they have them in the United States? In fact, one of the goals of their RAW intelligence agency is: “Moulding international public opinion and influence foreign governments with the help of the strong and vibrant Indian diaspora,” and an increasingly large number of their diaspora are in the United States. https://archive.li/Cyf4u Most immigrants to the United States from India are from their elite castes-classes, unlike the UK where the immigrants are more diverse.

So, why did US Senator Kamala Harris tell Joe Biden that her uncle is a journalist and mathematician at her swearing in ceremony in 2017? She didn’t think it a good idea to point out that her uncle was working for an Institute funded by India’s Ministry of Defence? US secrets going directly to India, through family ties? India may know more about our country than we do!

As recently as 2019, Kamala Harris’ uncle was reported as still working for a think tank, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, which is funded by India’s Ministry of Defence. It provides training for the Government of India’s civilian and military personnel. His area of expertise seems to be nuclear.

Her uncle is or was a Consultant for the Americas Division of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, as well. This is the Americas Division of the Ministry of External Affairs for India, but she is a US Senator.

Her grandfather was a Government of India diplomat, too.

Forget the Vice Presidency, Kamal Harris needs to be removed from US Senate committees pending investigation of her family ties! She is on the following important Senate committes: * Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; * Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations; * Subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight and Emergency Management; * Committee on the Budget; * Committee on the Judiciary; * Subcommittee on Intellectual Property; * Subcommittee on the Constitution; * Select Committee on Intelligence
See: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/why-did-kamala-harris-lie-and-tell-biden-that-her-uncle-was-a-journalist-mathematics-when-he-advises-the-government-of-india-on-defense-especially-nuclear-matters/

We have more recently read that her uncle allegedly retired. This could simply be because he is old enough to retire. But, his connections may still be alive.

Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW or RAW) was formed in 1968, which was around the time that the United States decided to give affirmative action to Asian-Indian immigrants, all while letting many more immigrate from India:
The present R&AW objectives include:
* Monitoring the political, military, economic and scientific developments in countries which have a direct bearing on India’s national security and the formulation of its foreign policy.
* Moulding international public opinion and influence foreign governments with the help of the strong and vibrant Indian diaspora.
* Covert Operations to safe guard India’s National interests.
* Anti – Terror Operations and neutralising terror elements posing a threat to India
Wikipedia: https://archive.li/Cyf4u

It’s rather surprising that India spies in Germany:
Indian couple go on trial in Germany accused of spying
They are charged with spying on Sikh opposition and suspected Kashmiri separatist groups and passing on the information to India’s external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing
. Date 21.11.2019 Author Srinivas Mazumdaru https://www.dw.com/en/indian-couple-go-on-trial-in-germany-accused-of-spying/a-51342874

This was last December:
Germany: Indian couple convicted of spying for Delhi
Two Indian citizens living in Germany have been found guilty of spying on Kashmiris and Sikhs for India’s intelligence agency. The couple have been sentenced to suspended jail terms and large fines
. Date 12.12.2019 https://www.dw.com/en/germany-indian-couple-convicted-of-spying-for-delhi/a-51638156

We also have this problem member of Congress, Ro Khanna, who wants us to be in a NATO-like alliance with India, apparently so that we can go to war with Pakistan and/or China for them. He apparently wants US out of the Middle East to go to war elsewhwere! https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/02/24/trump-announces-military-deal-with-india-bernie-sanders-campaign-co-chair-ro-khanna-pushing-for-nato-equivalent-military-pact-with-india/ Then we have Trump with his vested interests in India, and backing from the Republican Hindu coaltion.

Please Tweet, Facebook, email, etc., the detailed and referenced link (below) about Kamala’s uncle so that maybe it will fall into the hands of someone on the Biden VP selection committee. If you know someone on the committee please contact them: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/why-did-kamala-harris-lie-and-tell-biden-that-her-uncle-was-a-journalist-mathematics-when-he-advises-the-government-of-india-on-defense-especially-nuclear-matters/

Many object to Kamala Harris because of her policies-track record. However, this is above and beyond that. This is someone whose family has longstanding ties to a foreign government, who could be one heartbeat away from the US Presidency, plus serves on sensitive US Senate committees.

Kamala Harris and her Uncle Gopalan at her Senate swearing in: