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In California, this US NRC Webinar was at 6 am on Friday morning. Public Watchdogs got up with the birds and recorded it, and was nice enough to post it online. They have additional information on this and many other important things on their web site.

They report that on the Webinar “NRC representatives stated that they do not know what the rate of infection is at America’s 104 operating and decommissioning nuclear reactors.” See: https://publicwatchdogs.org/recording-of-may-8-2020-nrc-teleconference-on-covid-19-infections-at-nuclear-power-plants/

Their recording is below. The questions-comments starts at around 30 minutes. We didn’t listen to the entire recording, yet, but feel sure that many will be anxious to hear it immediately.

Thankyou Public Watchdogs and everyone else who got up, called in, and held the NRC’s feet to the fire.

COVID-19 NRC Webinar May 8th, 2020

Link: https://youtu.be/4VSLf7Ka2ZM

Our comment: All nuclear reactors-operations should be shutdown during this pandemic. The refueling workforce risks spreading Covid-19 from site to site, and between communities. There were Covid-19 cases reported at nuclear power stations at several sites that we have found discussed randomly online. Since operating nuclear power stations can never be completely shutdown, and there are spent fuel pools that require cooling, there will still be need for some workers. Nonetheless, shutting the reactors reduces risk, and reduces workers needed. Rather than exporting natural gas, the US can use it at home, while the reactors are shutdown. Despite the pandemic, workers are apparently still moving spent nuclear fuel into Holtec canisters at San Onofre. This needs to stop.